Not Happy with your Displays / Touchscreen Supplier?

Within the Displays, Touchscreen and embedded world the recent mergers of companies into larger German, American or PLC conglomerates have led to us receiving added enquiries and requests due to the now lesser importance of their account, new unacceptable systems / requirements, big company / ‘foreign’ rules or limited access to their former main contact etc.

If you are seeing this or can see it happening due to a merger please contact us so we can look at your requirements and work closely with you to give you the best product, at the best price as well as the best customer service so we become a valuable partner to your company and your team.

No false promises apart from we will do our best for you and your company.  Simply call us on +44 (0) 1634 327 420 or email us at

What do you have to lose? 😊

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