Openframe SAW Touch TFT LCD Monitors

We are pleased to introduce 3 new Industrial TFT LCD touch monitors designed for harsh or even hostile environments requiring a rugged man machine interface.

The 15.0″, 17.0″ and 19.0″ sizes all come fitted with a waterproof IP65 (NEMA3) rated SAW touch. The standard SAW touch has a sealed front bezel which protects the touch reflectors and transducers from liquids and dust which makes these monitors ideal for process control applications, medical equipment and public information kiosks all of which may need to be washed or certainly wiped down at some point in their daily routines.

The monitors are fitted with a dual RS232 and USB touch interface to make for easy communication plus with both vertical and horizontal mounting options via supplied brackets and with rear VESA mounting holes mechanical integration is relatively easy.

SAW touch is the preferred touch technology in many applications due to its high resolution of 4096×4096 plus Z-axis capability. It is a pure glass overlay with a Mohs’ hardness rating of 7 offering between 90-92% transmissivity and has a life of over 50M touches on a single point. The touch can be used with both a gloved or un-gloved finger without the need to change any touch settings and is impervious to all chemicals that do not effect glass.

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