Osram OLED – OS12864PK27M Clone

The decision of Osram to announce the discontinuation of their OLED displays must have left many companies and engineers in dire straits. I’m sure last time buys would have been offered which would have given buyers and production managers the headache of frantically toting up their estimated annual usage, whilst the engineering teams would have to go back and begin the design cycle again.

If you are coming to the end of your display stocks and are now currently pulling your design team off other projects to solve the display crisis then we may have the solution for you. Our LCD supplier Bolymin now have a small but growing range of OLED displays, their BL12864HOLED is a clone of one of Osram’s largest sellers, the OS12864PK27M.

We can typically supply an FOC sample for evaluation in 3 weeks and volume production in approx. 8 weeks. For further information please give us a call on 01494 778235 or drop us an email at sales@craftdata.co.uk .