Outdoor Colour TFT LCD

Craft Data are pleased to annouce our strategic partnership with LCD manufacturer Data International Co. Ltd. (Data Vision) of Taiwan. With Craft Data’s 28 year experience and expertise in the display field Data International see us as a key partner in their drive to become a major supplier of sunlight readable TFT LCD.

With a combination of high brightess LED backlights and the technique of optical bonding, which is designed to reduce the number of reflections within the LCD construction and greatly reduces external reflections from the sun’s rays the LCDs offer a superior performance in direct sunlight and all high ambient light viewing applications.

The current range starts at a 3.5″ QVGA panel offering a brightness of 800 nits which is followed by a 4.3″ WQVGA 1000 nit panel, two 5.7″ panels, both in QVGA and full VGA resolutions with 1200 nit and 900 nit brightnesses plus two 7.0″ WVGA panels both 1000 nit but one with a TTL and the other with a LVDS interface and lastly their 8.0″ SVGA , 1300 nit panel again with an LVDS interface.

To further enhance this TFT panel range is their “SR Resistive Touch” option, this technology is based on the 4-Wire resistive technology however the front film now has a ultra low reflective coating which is designed to greatly reduce the sun’s effect on the display. Key benefits are low reflection, enhanced display contrast, enhanced colour saturation and outstanding reliability and colour stability.

For further information please contact us on 01494 778235 or at sales@www.craftdata.co.uk .