Powertip Release Two New TFT LCD Modules

We are pleased to bring to the UK market the latest 7.0” TFT LCD, PH102600T002-IBA and the 10.1” PH102600T003-IBA from their long term LCD display partner Powertip.  Both panels are the increasingly popular wide screen, 16:9 format and offer a high resolution 1024×600 WSVGA pixel arrangement resulting in sharper imagery when scaling full HD video and images.  These new panels incorporate a high brightness white LED backlight with an output of 500cd/m² and coupling this with high contrast ratios of 600:1 for the 7.0” size and 500:1 for the 10.1” makes them ideally suited to both indoor and outdoor applications.  With the wide screen format, wide viewing angles are also now expected, the 10.1” does not disappoint with a viewing angle of 160° on both the horizontal and vertical axis, whilst the 7.0” size cannot boast quite as wide a viewing cone it still has a good viewing window of 120° on both its horizontal and vertical axis. Common to both TFT panels is the move to an LVDS interface over the more traditional digital RGB option which follows the markets demand for panels compatible with the latest embedded driver boards and single board computers which now generally incorporate an LVDS display interface as standard. Both TFT sizes can also be supplied fully integrated with the latest multi-touch projected capacitive touch sensor including cover lens with the capacity of 10 simultaneous touches. The 7.0” size has the choice of either a USB or I²C touch interface whereas the 10.1” has a single USB option. The P-CAP touch sensor offers a high level of ruggedness with an excellent light transmissivity of >85%. With these new TFT panel options added to their already extensive TFT LCD range and with long term supply guarantees Powertip and Craft Data firmly cement their credentials as key suppliers into the industrial product market.  To compliment their TFT LCD Powertip also now has a range of embedded board solutions where the TFT LCD is paired either with an ARM based processor or alternatively an embedded board which includes the Silicon Labs C8051F380 microprocessor in conjunction with RAIO RA8875 TFT LCD controller IC, both board options will support 4-wire and projected capacitive touch sensors  and include I²C, SPI, RS232 and USB interface connections to control peripheral devices.

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10 inch TFT Craft Data

7inch TFT Craft Data 1