Mini Totem Advertising Display

mini totem


Built for retail and public usemini totem 2

Our mini totem display was created for retailers in need of an eye-catching counter display that does not occupy too much counter space.

With integrated smart software and powerful hardware, the kiosk is thoughtfully designed for commercial use in retail shops, running 24/7.

Powerful hardware, faster than evermini totem 3

The main PCB board used inside our Android Mini totem is featured with industrial-grade components made for running 24/7 for professional use. Thanks to its state-of-art hardware achitecture, our Android mini totem is totally distinguished from other low-performance consumer tablets, and even graphic-intensive Apps launch instantly, and run smoothly .Our Android mini totem is available with 2 options, Rockchip dual core chip RK3066 and quad core chip RK3188, to meet different clients’ requirements.

High Quality IPS Displaymini totem 4

The Mini totem is featured with a 10.1” IPS screen.

IPS  technology is the most advanced liquid crystal technology, displaying brighter, sharper and clearer images.


Integrated smart security softwaremini totem 5

* Easy setup of any app/website installed on the Mini totem as the default auto start app
* Restrict users to only use apps you allow and block the rest
* Supports Full-Screen Browsing for better User Experience
* Password protection for exiting the Full-Screen Browsing Experience
* Auto SD card content update by USB key
* Auto power on/off at designated time
* Optional motion sensor function
* Compatible with third-party CMS


Android KitKat 4.4 OS, license freemini totem 6

Android KitKat 4.4 OS applies new processing architecture, further optimizes dual core/quad core processor and improves hardware performance. Our Android mini totem can be installed with multiple applications downloaded from Android Market, to suit different demands. In future you can also update Our Android mini totem to the latest Android OS.

High-quality 10-point Capacitive Touch Panelmini totem 7

The unit also is available with a professional capacitive multi touch panel.

The capacitive touch panel is made of scratch-free tempered glass, and is produced via advanced laser carving. The touch panel responds quickly and accurately without dead corners, allowing consumers to easily interact with your device.

mini totem 8

Play Full HD video smoothly, and supports Flash & HTML5

The device plays full HD 1080P videos smoothly, and is compatible with 480P and 720P videos in all kinds of formats: TS, H.264, WMV, MPEG4, etc. It also supports Adobe Flash 11.0 and HTML5 animation technology, and can easily access dynamic webpage, and on-line videos or games.

The most equipped retail mini totem, with Wi-Fi and optional 3G connections, direct RJ45 port 2MP/5MP front camera, bluetooth and HDMI output.

For more information on our Mini Totem display, please contact us.