S029XQ04NS – 2.9″ Stretch, Letterbox Format or Bar Type TFT LCD Module

Suitable for mounting within a 1U rack the 2.9″ TFT LCD can now bring full colour to a vast array of products and applications that in the past have been restricted to a monochrome display only. The S029XQ04NS is the latest revision of our partner CDTECH’s 2.9″ panel and is currently the smallest display within their line of “Stretch”, Letterbox format or Bar type TFT LCD.





The 2.5:1 aspect ratio module has an overall module size of 76.90 x 38.22 x 3.26mm with an active area of 70.56 x 26.46mm making it ideal for the tough to fit 1U rack applications. The panel offers a good optical performance with a 6 LED backlight producing a brightness of 300 cd/m² and a good contrast level of 300:1. For its size it has relatively wide viewing angles of 120° on the horizontal and 100° on the vertical and with a resolution of 320×120 pixels this makes it one of the highest resolution displays that will fit the 1U rack currently available today.






For further information please click the following link to download the datasheet.

S029XQ04NS datasheet

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