Serial Multi-Interface Character LCD

Making in-roads into the ever competitive character LCD market are Bolymin’s serial multi-interface modules, serial communication is fastly becoming popular for embedded displays and systems.  Currently the three popular protocols are UART/RS232 (Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter), SPI (Serial peripheral Interface) and I²C (Inter Integrated Circuit).  Bolymin’s engineering team have incorporated all these serial interface connections into a single display enabling designers and engineers to take advantage of the simplicity of serial communcication, they are also able to offer a USB (Universal Serial Bus) as an option.

Character formats available are 16×1 (BC1601AI), 16×2 (BC1602AI), 16×2 large character (BC1602EI), 20×2 (BC2002AI), 20×2 large character (BC2002BI), 16×4 (BC1604AI), 20×4 (BC2004AI), 24×2 (BC2402AI), 40×2 (BC4002AI) and 40×4 (BC4004AI).


  • Multi-Serial Interface: I²C, SPI & RS232 (USB Optional)
  • Industry size format and footprint (COB with metal bezel)
  • 5×7 dots plus cursor
  • Built-in industry standard controller ST7066
  • 1/16 Duty cucle
  • LED Backlight (Yellow/Green, White, Blue)
  • 5V Single power supply
  • Contrast/brightness controlled by software
  • RoHS Compliant













Switching to a serial connection can simplify your display interface as RS232 is very common connection, SPI offers high speed transmission making for faster communication between your host and the display, I²C uses the latest serial protocol resulting in faster transmission speeds and better performance over long distances.

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