TAIKOH LED Illumination Systems


New from Japan comes the TAIKOH LED lamp system/module, primarily designed for use in flex-face sign/light box applications however all types of applications requiring high brightness, low power, low profile,  flexible mount illumination can benefit from the TAIKOH System. Each module/lamp uses a super high luminance chip LED encapsulated within a clear acrlyic lens which distributes the light output evenly over a 160° angle and is certified to the environmental protection rating of IP66 which offers superb protection from dust, dirt and water.

Each lamp has a forward voltage requirement of 3VDC approx. and consumes approx. 1.2W of power, when driven at 350mA the luminance is 100lm however if driven at the lamp’s maximum of 700mA a luminance of 180lm can be achieved making even the lowest output suitable for all types of signage day or night. With TAIKOH’s 160°angle of  illumination, we can see that when utilized in a traditional 600mm x 600mm light box it is only necessary to use 16 TAIKOH modules (16 chips) giving a total luminace of 1600 lumens @ 350mA and consuming 19.2W of power. When comparing this to other suppliers of LED systems who typically cluster their LEDs into groups of three and do not have the TAIKOH lens system many more LEDs are needed to offer a similar luminance. Typically you would need something in the region of 187 modules (561 chips) which whilst offers a fraction more luminance at 1870 lumens the total power consumption increases over double to nearly 45W. In todays greener times can figures like these be ignored.

For further information or to arrange a demo of the TAIKOH system please go to our website www.craftdata.co.uk and follow the links to LED Illumination Systems/TAIKOH or alternatively send an email to sales@craftdata.co.uk or call us on 01296 332000.