TFT Displays for Outdoor Applications

Our new range of outdoor TFT LCD from our partner ADPS are ideally suited to a host of outdoor applications requiring the display to be viewed either in full sunlight or very high ambient light conditions. The displays deliver a superb optical performance, supporting vivid colours and wide viewing angles.







We have sizes from 5.7″ (QVGA resolution) through to an impressive 86.0″ (4K resolution) version with pretty much all the panel sizes in between also  covered.  All displays have a minimum brightness of 1000cd/m² with the larger panels 27.0″+ having 2000~2500cd/m² ensuring an excellent picture even in full sun! An ultra-wide colour gamut delivers true colours (up to 16.7M) with an NTSC figure of 92% and sRGB of 125%.

To further enhance the displays outdoor performance we can offer different surface treatments, Optical Bonding, Anti-Reflective Coating and Anti-Glare Coating, the benefits are as follows:-

Optical Bonding

  • LCD protection
  • Increased visibility and durability
  • Blocks the ingress of dust, dirt and moisture

Anti-reflective Coating

  • Increased transmittance
  • Reduces reflections within the LCD assembly
  • Higher abrasion resistance and increased strength

Anti-Glare Coating

  • Increased durability and abrasion resistance
  • Increased visibility in full sun
  • Reduces reflections within the LCD assembly

All the displays can be supplied with a touch option, customers can choose from the following touch technologies:-

  • P-CAP (Projected Capacitive Touch)
  • S-CAP (Surface Capacitive Touch)
  • Resistive (4 & 5 Wire Touch)
  • SAW (Surface Acoustive Wave)
  • IR (Infra-Red)

We can also supply an interface/driver board plus LED backlight driver and cable harnesses to suit, most sizes have Analogue RGB, HDMI, DVI and DP (Display Port) options.

For industrial applications we can also fit a front bezel to the TFT LCD with is certified to the IP65 standard, for water, dust and dirt protection.

For further information please click on the following link.

ADPS_Outdoor Display Catalog (002)

For more detailed information or a price enquiry please either email the team at or call 44 (0)1296 332000.