TFT LCD for Automotive Digital Dashboards


The 12.3″ 1920(RGB)x720 Bar TFT was the de-facto display size for the automotive industry when designing the latest digital dashboard and infotainment screen, but potentially one size does not fit all! Compact city cars may not have the space for the 12.3″ displays or with dashboards being streamlined the 12.3″ size may now be considered too small.

Our bar type or stretch TFT LCD range now includes 10.3″ and 15.0″ sizes both aimed at this type of application, the resolution on these displays has been maintained at the 1920(RGB) x 720 pixels allowing for the use of existing graphical user interfaces that may well have been designed for use on the 12.3″ display.  Optically both sizes have a very high specification, IPS wide viewing angles of 85°/85°/85°/85°, high brightness long life LED backlights suitable for full sunlight viewing, 1000:1+ contrast ratios and a full colour palette of 16.7M colours.  Another key feature of these displays is the operating temperature range, both sizes have been designed with the automotive market in mind so are able to operate down at -30°C and up at +85°C.

Outline & Active Area Dimensions are as follows:-

  • OD: 10.3″ = 258.0(H) x 107.6(V) x 6.37(D)mm
  • AA: 10.3″ = 243.65(H) x 91.37(V)mm
  • OD: 15.0″ = 390.0(H) x 173.0(V) x 11.25(D)mm
  • AA: 15.0″ = 355.65(H) x 133.38(V)mm

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