The Increasing Popularity in Video Wall Displays

These days you can’t go to a shopping centre without seeing at least one LCD Video Wall. Contrast this to the state of play 10 years ago, when they were exclusive to high end retailers with enormous budgets. So why are they becoming so much more popular and how has the technology developed over the past decade?

Not only were early LCD Video Walls an expensive venture but also a very technical one. Screens had to be installed next to one another and all linked up to a control box or PC in order to tile them into a single display. Developments over the last decade have meant that each LCD Video Wall Display now has a built in specialised PC board, allowing you to tile a multi screen display without the use of any external hardware.

Alot of progress has also been made with regards to the reduction in bezel size; a feature fundamental to Video Wall Displays. Just 10 years ago a Video Wall would have had a 50mm bezel surrounding the image. We now manufacture LCD Video Walls with a total bezel size of just 5.7mm, creating a virtually seamless display.

The increase in LCD Video Wall popularity can also be accredited to the fact that large LCD panels are still very expensive. Take for example a 4 screen LCD Video Wall made up of 46” displays, making a total diagonal measurement of 92” – would work out at much less than half the price of an 82” LCD display.

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