TYGA LED Illumination Systems

To compliment their TAIKOH LED system, our partner First System of Japan have released their new TYGA LED illumination system. Using the same chip LEDs as per their TAIKOH modules but utilising a different enhancement lens the TYGA system is perfectly suited for dual sided signage and architectural lighting.

The TYGA module consists of 6 LEDs each encapsulated in an individual Akryl-Lightfast light enhancement lens mounted onto a PCB which is secured to an easily mountable  lightweight aluminium carrier/heatsink making a total module size a  very compact 298mm (L) x 37.5mm (W) x 13.9mm (H).  Up to 5 TYGA modules (30 LEDs) can be daisy chained together via their attached input and output cables creating a total length of nearly 1.5M.

The light angle from each encapsulated LED is a 14° cone from the top and a 140° cone from either side of the LED with each LED emitting 100lm of cool white (6500K) light making total luminance of 600lm per TYGA module. With a forward voltage of 3.1VDC per LED and a power total consumption of only 7.2W (constant current of 350mA) plus a long lifetime of in excess of 40khrs the TYGA module firmly secures its green credentials with a lower carbon footprint to that of tradtional FL tubes and many cluster LED lamp assemblies.

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