Ultra High Brightness TFT LCD (UHB TFT LCD)

Our partner JnM Display’s range of Ultra High Brightness TFT LCD are ideal for a host of applications that require the display to be read and understood, not just seen in full direct sunlight. JnM take a standard base panel from LG or Samsung and replace the standard CCFL backlight with either an LED or super high brightness CCFL backlight unit (BLU). We feel that for a panel to be defined as sunlight readable the brightness needs to be a minimum of 1000cd/m2, there are a few exceptions to this rule where it is physically not possible to engineer the replacement backlight to fit within the existing TFT panel metalwork however in most cases the brightness is still a super high 900 cd/m2.

When using our TFT panels in this type of environment what we also generally see is the need for the panels to be able to be used in both low and high temperatures. This can be solved by using our LED backlit versions which will operate down at -30 degC and up at +85 degC.

Sizes start at 6.4″ VGA (LED-900 cd/m2) with currently the largest size being a 38.0″S (LED-1200 cd/m2) with all the popular sizes covered in between.

For further information please navigate to the JnM page www.craftdata.co.uk/cd_j_and_m.html or give us a call on 01494 778235.