UNTACT Contactless Touch Monitors – Next Generation

The next generation of UNTACT contactless touch monitors (displays) are to be released over the coming weeks, a more stylish case has been designed to allow for a more simplified installation. The new monitors now have rounded edges and can be supplied in more vibrant colours, currently red, royal blue and medical white.









They are designed to be wall or pole mounted so are ideal for information or way-finder applications where the processor application hardware can be easily hidden away so that users only see the interactive monitor/display.  The cable connections are once again on the rear of the display however they can be hidden away by a simple cable management system preventing unwelcome tampering.





The monitors three built in touch haptics, Sound, Light and Visual aid inexperienced users of a contactless touch system in understanding their touch has been registered. LIGHT – LED’s around the edge of the display area come on at the detection of a touch stylus (finger, gloved finger, artificial finger or other pointing device) and switch off on its removal from the touch area, SOUND – an audible beep or click sounds when a touch stylus enters the touch area and finally VISUAL – a transparent animated target appears on the display and follows the touch stylus, exactly like a mouse pointer.









Because the touch stylus is detected before contact with the display/touch surface users are protected from potentially harmful bacteria that has been left on the displays/touch surface unknowingly by a previous user. Our contactless system is in our opinion the simplest to use, as the actions required to activate the touch are as close as they can be to using a touch screen pre-covid 19, but DON’T TOUCH, JUST POINT!








The first size to be released will be the 27.0″, 1920×1080 resolution version with the other sizes to follow on rapidly. The monitors will have the same technical attributes and benefits as the standard UNTACT kiosk versions.

For more information on these new monitors please email sales@craftdata.co.uk or call 01296 332000