UNTACT – Contactless Touch Overlays & Displays (The New Normal)

The New Normal?

What will be the “new normal” once the world re-opens for business? According to media and government sources, COVID-19 in one form or another will be around for many years to come.  We’ll hopefully all be vaccinated to protect us from the full brunt of the virus, but will we still take precautions when in public? Will we continue to wear a mask and wash and sanitise our hands at every opportunity? Will we think twice about touching door handles, handrails, door buttons on trains and elevators, touch screens to order our fast food, buy tickets or to check-in at the airport?

COVID-19 presents a tough challenge to self-service kiosk manufacturers and operators. Will users become even more wary of the simple act of touching the screen? Will it be safer to order at the counter (if this is an option) from the team member situated behind a clear safety screen potentially making the kiosk redundant? We are all familiar with contactless payment systems, should a contactless touch system also now become familiar? Our “UNTACT” contactless touch solutions will enable kiosk manufacturers and operators to offer a fully contactless self-service kiosk from item selection to payment.

By using UNTACT touch users no longer need to touch the screen’s surface to register a touch, by just placing their finger between 5mm and 25mm above their intended touch target a touch is registered. Because this may seem a little alien to begin with UNTACT provides three touch haptics, sound, light and visual so users can clearly see their touch has been detected, these touch haptics help in the following ways:

Visual – a transparent animated target is superimposed over the users intended touch target displayed on the Kiosks display (external software required & supplied).

Light – LEDs mounted around the edge of the touch frame will switch on at the detection of a stylus (finger, gloved finger, artificial finger) and off when the stylus is removed.

Sound – a buzzer/beeper sounds to indicate the detection of a stylus.

The UNTACT touch technology can be supplied in two formats; as a touch overlay with a built-in USB interface which is designed to be integrated into your own bespoke housing along with your own display and display interface etc., or as part of a complete kiosk/HMI monitor including the TFT LCD, display interface (HDMI), cabling all in a metal enclosure designed for a quick an easy integration into your kiosk housing.

The UNTACT touch overlays (UTO’s) are available in 19”, 21.5”, 27”, 32”, 43” and 55” sizes and are compatible with industry standard TFT sizes and formats.  UNTACT touch displays or UTD’s are available in 21.5”, 27”, 32”, 43” and 55” sizes with all either using wide view IPS or MVA 1920×1080 resolution TFT panels making them ideal for both landscape and portrait mounting.  We can also provide a full customisation service should you have a specific size or requirement.


To discuss our contactless touch overlays and displays please call us on 01296 332000 or email sales@craftdata.co.uk.