Untact Touch Monitors – Contactless Touch Screen

These challenging times of lockdown, social distancing and constant hand sanitizing will eventually ease and our thoughts will be of the future and what happens next? Industry will slowly return to normal as will local and international travel, but there will still more than likely be a need for social distancing of some kind and good hand hygiene.

The vast majority of us have used public kiosks for train ticket purchases, fast food ordering menus, car-parking payments, doctor/hospital and airline check-ins, but the question is will COVID-19 make people reluctant to use these now necessary machines?

Will these machines now have to now provide us with an antiseptic wipe to ensure the screen surface is free from contamination before each use or perhaps a disposable touch stylus so we don’t have to touch the screen? Both possible solutions, but both come with their own problems.









We believe we have a solution to these problems! Our new CONTACTLESS touch monitor called “Untact” has the potential to solve the problem of user cross contamination. The new touch technology is based on the proven infrared technology albeit with some changes that allow the touch to register a finger or other type of stylus up to 25mm from the glass or acrylic cover glass. In the past this could have been considered a problem as it was unfamiliar to users who found it strange to get a touch response before their finger actually touched the screen. To alleviate this potential problem the Untact touch has three haptics that indicate a touch has been detected, VISUAL (animated target on the desired touch point), LIGHT (LEDs around the edge of the touch, switch on and switch off once your finger is removed) and SOUND (buzzer sounds to indicate a touch)!










These three haptics clearly show the user that a touch has been detected which in tests prompted the user to move on to the next process within the menu driven programme. Because “Untact” touch technology is based on Infrared it will detect any solid (non-transparent) stylus, it will detect both a bare finger and a gloved finger without any change to the sensitivity plus any non-organic styli can also be used which obviously includes artificial hands and other pointing devices etc..








The following table shows the current sizes that are available, further sizes are in planning plus we can also offer a full customization service meaning if you have a display size then we can fit a Untact Touch.

The features and specification of the “Untact Touch” Technology are as follows:-

  •  Sizes: 10″ ~ 150″
  • Light Transmittance: 100%
  • Highly Durable with No wear out mechanism
  • Multi-Touch: Up to 6 Touches
  • Response time: 5~25ms
  • External EMI, RFI: Strong Resistance
  • Haptics: Light, Sound, Visual
  • Input Method: Finger, Gloved Hand, Artificial Hand any other stylus (min 7mm Ø)
  • Applications: ATM, Kiosk, POS, Gaming











Untact Monitor Press Release

Please see the following videos for a demonstration of the “Untact” IR Touch Technology.

21.5″ Landscape TFT LCD with Untact IR Touch


32.0″ Landscape TFT LCD with Untact IR Touch


23.8″ Portrait TFT LCD with Untact IR Touch



For further information please call 01296 332000 or email sales@craftdata.co.uk