Visionox OLED

Craft Data are vey pleased to be able to add our latest partner Visionox and their exceptional range of OLED displays to our already impressive display portfolio. Having been working with OLED technology for a number of years we were keen to begin working with Visionox who have demonstrated their log-term commitment to OLED displays by solving several key technical issues with OLED panel efficiency and lifetime. Visionox have improved the OLED technology to a point where their OLED displays were used on the EVA space suits of the Shenzhou VII astonauts, a landmark success in bringing the OLED technology into the Space flight domain.

The current range encompasses monochrome, white, yellow, green and amber options, 2-area colour and 65K full colour modules with sizing starting at 0.68″ through to 2.8″ in the monochrome range and from 0.95″ to a 1.12″ in the full colour range, 16 level greyscale versions are also available in the mono range. With OLEDs very low power consumption, super fast switching speeds, extremely wide viewing angles and an excellent environmental specification OLEDs are suitable for a host of applications requiring vibrant, high contrast displays.

To further demonstrate Visionox’s commitment to OLED they are investing heavily and creating new aspects for this technology. Currently under development are transparent OLEDs, where the non-illuminated pixels appear highly transparent making the illuminated image seem superimposed. Another development is a super flexible OLED where the glass substrate has been replaced by either bendable plastic or metal, this would make the OLEDs unique and extremely durable. Lastly, dual sided OLED displays, where the same or different image can be shown on both sides of the display.

All these innovations give us the confidence to bring Visionox’s OLEDs to the UK industrial market.