Wide View TFT LCD From Data Vision

Data Vision 7inchTFT





New from our partner Data Vision comes the latest development for bettering the optical performance of their TFT LCD.  With more applications now having the need for very wide viewing angles from their displays, Data Vision can now add an “Ultra Wide View Polariser” to their TN displays which  increases the viewing angles to 80/80/75/80 enabling the TFT panel to be used in both landscape and portrait modes something that the standard TN devices could not do due to the grey inversion (loss of colour at certain angles). Previously the only panel option for these wide view applications was to use costly MVA, IPS and FFS panels which in many instances had very large MOQs and were not always available in the smaller TFT LCD sizes.

The wide view polariser film can be added to all of Data Vision’s panels from 3.5″ ~ 10.4″ encompassing all the popular screen sizes in between. Ideally this film should be used in conjunction with Data Vision’s super high brightness, sunlight viewing panels as the film does reduce the light output of the backlight by 25~30%, the wide view polariser film can also be used in conjunction with their 4-wire resistive touch overlays and with optical bonding which further enhances the TN panels optical performance especially in high ambient light or full sunlight applications.

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