WinsPu TP2AX Series 2″ Thermal Printer Mechanism


WinsPu’s TP2AX series 2″ thermal printer mechanisms offer a compatible alternative to the APS ELM205 and ELM208 plus the Bixolon SMP640 thermal printer mechanisms. The mechanism is ergonomic, compact and lightweight in design plus with it’s centred paper path allows your unique enclosure to be uniform and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The TPS2X with its patented easy loading design produces a highly reliable, durable mechanism suitable for a host of demanding applications.

There are two versions available, the HS version (TP2AAP6RX) which has an input voltage of 4.5~8.5V and the LV version (TP2AAP2RX) with an input voltage of 2.7~7.2V making the latter ideal for portable battery powered applications. A compact USB/RS232 & TTL controller board is also available to help integrate our mechanism into your application. The board includes  protection circuitry to prevent the thermal head from overheating plus stepper motor and head protection from burn out due to the CPU hanging.


  • 384 dots/line
  • 8 dots/mm or 203 dpi resolution
  • 48mm print width
  • 58mm paper width (57±0.5mm)
  • Print Speed 85mm/sec @ 4.5~8.5V, 70mm/sec @ 2.7~7.2V
  • Paper end sensor: Photo interrupter
  • Head temperature sensor: Thermistor 30KΩ (25°C)
  • Head life: 100km if used with Mitsubishi F230AA thermal paper or equivalent
  • Operating temperature: 0~50°C
  • Storage temperature -25~75°C
  • Dimensions: 67.6 x 30.8 x 30.7mm
  • Weight: 40g

Controller for TP2AX






TP2AX Datasheet

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