WinsPu TP2SX 2″ Thermal Printer Mechanism

We are pleased to introduce the 2″ thermal printer mechanism series TP2XS from our newest partner WinsPu Technology Co. Ltd of Xiamen, China. The TP2SX is a highly durable, ergonomically designed compact, lightweight mechanism with a centred paper path  allowing for a uniform and aesthetically pleasing housing design. The mechanism offers easy paper loading for fast paper roll replacement and is very quiet when printing and paper feeding.

The printer has three standard options defined by print speed and input voltages although there are several different specification options available across the whole series.  The slowest versions (ATPSMN1RX) print speed is 75mm/sec which is ideally suited to portable battery powered applications due to the low voltage requirement of 2.7~3.6V for both the head and motor, the fastest print speed version (ATPS2MP4RX) achieves an impressive 150mm/sec with voltage requirements of 12~14V again for both the thermal head and motor.  The 105mm/sec print speed version ATPS2SSP6RX model is compatible with the Seiko Instruments LTP01-245 and offers a low cost reliable alternative to the Seiko part.  The TP2SX range is also compatible with Fujitsu’s FTP-628MCL101 and the APS FM205-HS thermal printer mechanisms.

TP2SX Mech + Controller









For ease of integration into your unique design all models can be supplied with a compact controller board offering RS232, USB or TTL interfaces. The controller board has a built-in protection circuitry to prevent over heating of the thermal head when not printing plus protection for the stepper motor.

Printer Mechanism Features

  • 384 dots/line
  • 2″  or 48mm print width
  • 8 dots/mm or 203 dpi resolution
  • 58mm paper width (57.5 ± 0.5mm)
  • Print speed options: 75mm/sec @ 2.7~3.6V, 105mm/sec @ 4.2~9.5V (Seiko compatible) , 150mm/sec @ 12~14V
  • Paper end/black mark detector by photo interrupter
  • Head temperature detection by thermistor 30KΩ (25°C)
  • Head life: 100km when used with Mitsubishi F230AA paper or equivalent
  • Operating Temperature 0-50°C, Storage Temperature -20~60°C
  • Dimensions: 69.3 x 32.9 x 15.3mm
  • Weight: 31g
  • FPC cable length: 74mm

TP2SX Datasheet

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