Woosim Thermal Printer Mechanisms

With so many boxed or cased thermal printers now available from a host or different manufacturers and suppliers, the market focus seems to have moved away from seeing a thermal printer as a component to be built into your OEM product.  However not so from our partner Woosim’s view point, they still devote a large portion of their engineering and marketing efforts to extend their range of thermal printer mechanisms. Here at Craft Data whilst we have seen a decline in mechanism business which has been replaced by boxed or cased printers we still see that mechanisms are key to Woosim’s range.  With the reduction in costs of case mouldings and electronics etc. the overall cost of designing your own bespoke printer for you own application has come down over the past few years making it possible to produce something that is economically viable and totally different from your competitors model.

There are basically, 4 print widths within the range, 1″ (PORTI-M100), 2″ (PORTI-M200), 3″ (PORTI-M300) and 4″ (PORTI-M400), although there are a couple of options in each size due to different mounting configurations. Print speeds vary from a fast 50mm/sec to a super fast 200 mm/sec which is capable of generating pretty much instantaneous tickets or receipts.  An autocutter or guillotine option is also available on the 2″ and 3″ versions giving you the basic setup for your own kiosk printer.  These high resolution printer mechanisms are capable of printing both sharp looking characters and icons plus high resolution graphics as all versions have an 8dots/mm or 203dpi  resolution direct thermal line print head.

For further information on Woosim’s range of thermal printer mechanisms why not call Paul or Dave on 01296 332000 for an informal chat or drop an email to sales@craftdata.co.uk