Navigating Extremes: Revolutionising Displays with Our Wide-Temp LCD Technology

High Performing Wide Operating Temp Displays

When it comes down to aspects to consider when introducing new products to our industrial customers, Wide-Temp LCD takes centre stage. Check out the launch of our latest product: the 12.8″ (KD128FHFLA002) 1920(RGB) x 1080 resolution IPS TFT wide-temperature LCD display. This ground breaking addition to our comprehensive display range is set to redefine the standards for industrial, automotive / aerospace, and military applications where extreme temperatures are a common challenge.

Wide-Temp LCD Displays for Unparalleled Performance

Designed to thrive in challenging environments, our wide-temp LCD display boasts an impressive operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C. This ensures reliable performance in scenarios where temperature extremes are not just occasional but part of the regular operational landscape. Whether it’s the demanding industrial sector, the rugged automotive and aerospace industries, or the stringent requirements of military applications, our display rises to the occasion.

Impressive Specifications for Unmatched Visual Experience

The IPS technology employed in our latest display ensures a remarkable visual experience. With outline dimensions of 321.46(H) x 181.08(V) x 13.29(D)mm and an active area of 283.392(H) x 159.408(V)mm, this display strikes the perfect balance between compact design and expansive viewability. Its free viewing direction, coupled with wide viewing angles, allows for seamless use in both landscape (default) and portrait orientations without compromising image quality.

Optical performance takes centre stage with a 16.7 million colour palette, a high contrast ratio of 1000:1, and an impressive brightness of 800 nits. These features combine to make our wide-temp LCD display suitable for a diverse range of applications, including those requiring indoor and outdoor full sunlight viewing capabilities.

Versatility Meets Durability

Our wide-temp LCD display isn’t just about visual brilliance—it’s about adaptability and resilience. The versatility of this display extends beyond its impressive technical specifications. It is a reliable solution for applications that demand flexibility, with the ability to seamlessly transition between landscape and portrait orientations.

In addition to its robust performance in extreme temperatures, the display’s durability is further underscored by its ability to withstand the rigors of various industries. This makes it an ideal choice for sectors where reliability and longevity are paramount.


For industries seeking cutting-edge wide-temp LCD displays, our product stands out as a game-changer. Our offering is optimised to meet the specific needs of sectors requiring displays that can perform flawlessly in extreme temperatures.

In summary, our 12.8″ wide-temp LCD display combines innovative technology, impressive specifications, and unmatched versatility to redefine visual experiences in demanding environments. As we continue to push the boundaries of display technology, this new addition reinforces our commitment to providing solutions that empower industries to thrive in any condition.

Experience the future of displays with our wide-temp LCD technology—where performance meets resilience, and innovation knows no bounds.

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