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The CDS Range of Bar Type Displays

Our comprehensive range of “Bar Type” or “Stretch” displays now present OEM product designers with the real opportunity to find a colourful, high-resolution display even for the most awkward of spaces. No longer is it necessary to make a compromise on your choice of display, with our truly versatile bar displays an ideal solution can be realised. As well as fitting those awkward spaces another key feature is the display’s high resolution either along the horizontal or vertical axis. As these displays are cut from larger high resolution 4:3, 16:9 or 16:10 aspect ratio TFT panels we are able to use the full width of pixels from the original panel, which is why you see some non-standard pixel arrangements however this allows for the creation of an intricate graphical user interface.

bar type tft
bar type tft

Features of Bar Type TFT Displays

  1. Form Factor:

    • Long and Narrow Shape: Bar-type displays are elongated and narrow, making them ideal for applications where traditional square or rectangular displays may not fit or may not be as visually appealing.
  2. Aspect Ratio:

    • Wide Aspect Ratio: Bar-type displays often have a wide aspect ratio, making them suitable for applications where a panoramic or extended view is desired.
  3. Customization:

    • Flexibility in Size: These displays can be customized in terms of size, allowing for flexibility in meeting specific design requirements for various applications.
  4. Mounting Options:

    • Versatile Mounting: Bar-type displays can be easily mounted in both landscape and portrait orientations, providing versatility in design and application.
  5. TFT Technology:

    • Colorful and High-Resolution: Bar-type displays typically use TFT technology, offering vibrant colors and high resolution for clear and detailed visuals.

Benefits of Bar Type TFT Displays

  1. Space Efficiency:

    • Optimal Use of Space: Bar-type displays are excellent for maximizing screen space in applications with limited physical space, such as transportation systems, retail shelves, or narrow signage areas.
  2. Information Presentation:

    • Effective Information Display: The elongated shape is well-suited for displaying information sequentially, making bar-type displays ideal for digital signage, transportation schedules, or any application where conveying information in a linear manner is beneficial.
  3. Attention-Grabbing Design:

    • Unique Aesthetic Appeal: The unusual shape of bar-type displays can attract attention and enhance the overall design aesthetics of a product or environment, making them suitable for advertising and branding.
  4. Enhanced User Experience:

    • Immersive Viewing Experience: The wide aspect ratio of bar-type displays can provide an immersive viewing experience, making them engaging for users in certain applications, such as gaming or interactive kiosks.

What is a Bar Type TFT Display?

A bar-type TFT display, also known as a stretched display, is a type of liquid crystal display (LCD) that has a unique form factor characterized by its elongated and narrow shape. Unlike traditional square or rectangular displays, bar-type displays have a much wider aspect ratio, making them well-suited for specific applications where a standard display may not be practical or visually appealing.

bar type tft

The CDS Range

The range features IPS wide view technology, providing 80°/80°/80°/80° viewing angles plus with the “All View” viewing direction the displays can be used in both landscape and portrait orientations without the loss of image quality. Other features contributing to a brilliant optical performance are high contrast ratios, a full 16.7M colour palette plus high brightness, long life LED backlights. With touch featuring so heavily in our lives today, we can also supply our bar displays with an optically bonded industrial multi-point projected capacitive touch solution.


  • Digital Signage:

    • Bar-type displays are frequently used in digital signage applications, especially in retail environments. They can be mounted vertically to create eye-catching, space-efficient displays for advertising, promotions, or product information.
  • Transportation Systems:

    • In transportation hubs such as airports, bus stations, and train stations, bar-type displays are used to show schedule information, departure/arrival details, and other real-time updates. Their elongated shape allows for easy reading of sequential information.
  • Gaming and Entertainment:

    • Bar-type displays are employed in gaming machines and entertainment systems where a wider and more immersive aspect ratio can enhance the gaming experience or showcase dynamic content.
  • Automotive Displays:

    • In-car displays, especially those integrated into dashboards, may use bar-type TFT displays to provide information like navigation directions, multimedia controls, or other vehicle-related details.
  • Wayfinding Kiosks:

    • In public spaces such as malls, museums, or large campuses, bar-type displays are used in interactive wayfinding kiosks. The elongated shape is well-suited for displaying maps and guiding users through complex environments.
  • Menu Boards in Restaurants:

    • Bar-type displays are employed in digital menu boards in restaurants, cafes, and fast-food outlets. The unique shape allows for an organized and visually appealing presentation of menu items.
  • Industrial Control Systems:

    • In industrial settings, bar-type displays can be used in control panels and monitoring systems where space is limited. They can provide a clear overview of sequential data or process information.
  • Healthcare Information Displays:

    • In hospitals and healthcare facilities, bar-type displays can be used to present patient information, appointment schedules, or other critical data in a space-efficient manner.
  • Public Information Displays:

    • Bar-type displays are suitable for public information displays in areas like public squares or event venues. They can be used to convey announcements, event schedules, or emergency information.
  • Advertising and Retail Shelving:

    • In retail environments, bar-type displays can be integrated into shelving units to showcase product information, pricing, or promotions. This allows for efficient use of shelf space while attracting customer attention.
  • Hotel Signage:

    • Bar-type displays are used in hotels for digital signage in lobbies or outside meeting rooms, providing information about events, conferences, or general announcements.
  • Architecture and Building Displays:

    • Bar-type displays can be integrated into architectural designs or building structures to display dynamic content, artwork, or information about the building.
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