Anti Bacterial Touchscreen Films

Antibacterial touch screen film – Helping to protect your touchscreen, killing 99.9% of all bacteria and pathogens with a silver nanoparticle coating 

FEATURES of antibacterial touch screen film

  • Anti-Bacterial Coating
  • Anti-Scratch
  • Anti-Fingerprint
  • Up to 80″ Diagonal
  • Can be retrofitted
  • CNC cut to any shape / size
  • Standard and Anti Glare available
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The Problem:

Antibacterial touch screen film – There have been an increasing number of articles discussing the effect of surface cross-contamination during the use of touch screens. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the issue further.

One thing for certain, that the use of touch screens is here to stay, so we have looked into how we can protect the user from the contamination.

Like other suppliers we have investigated tuning the touch screen so it can activated without touching the surface of the glass. However you would still need to get very close (within 5-10mm) and realistically somebody using the kiosk will not have the time and motor skills to control this level of accuracy and will still touch the surface glass.

So we feel the best solution is to add a surface coating on to the touch sensor, and after a lot of research we are now offering a nano-cell silver coated protection film for use with our sensors.

Click here to see CDS open frame monitors that can use this technology 

We do have a technical document available with a much more detailed overview of the film, please click here to request a copy.

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