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CDS offers an extensive range of industrial TFT display solutions, including LCD panels, square monitors, and products meticulously designed for industrial applications and other related fields requiring high-quality displays with exceptional reliability and clarity. As we venture into the era of the Metaverse, CDS’s industrial TFT display solutions and monitors are crafted exclusively with industrial-grade components. This ensures optimal performance and unwavering reliability, even in the most demanding environments and applications. Our commitment to quality extends to meeting the evolving needs of industries exploring the transformative possibilities of the Metaverse.

Our wide supplier network gives us access to a vast array of the most innovative panel solutions with cost effective pricing and often quick delivery times from CDS stock. We can even create new bespoke solutions or customise our standard solutions to fit a bespoke requirement or offer a drop in replacement for your current solution at a lower cost. So as you can see we have a solution for whatever your need and can work closely with you to result in the optimum solution for your application and requirement.

CDS does deliver Standard TFT display modules, TFT panels and square monitor with industrial specifications and vivid colours, PCAP Touch sensors and optical bonded front glasses and cover glasses with various kinds of treatments to meet your specific requirements. Please contract our technical engineering and support team to discuss your requirement and achieve the best solution.

Industrial TFT displays benefit from longer product availability as well as an extended backlight half-life of 50K hours, allowing them to be on nearly all the time. They are typically used in manufacturing environments, where they need to be robust and reliable, and tend to be panel or rack mounted in a fixed position.

CDS’s larger sizes of industrial TFT LCD Display solutions and LCD panels have become the standard for industrial applications and markets as they provide great clarity and vibrant colours for the user.  Our 3.5″ – 21.5″ displays feature many technologies  including high brightness and IPS technology. This provides it with excellent all-round viewing angles and amazing colour reproduction and contrast, as well as fast response times better, and includes UbiPixel, Spanpixel, and DuraPixel. 

Industrial displays are integral components in manufacturing and industrial settings, designed to meet the demanding requirements of these environments. Rugged displays, known for their robust construction, ensure durability in challenging conditions, while industrial panel PCs and HMI displays provide a seamless human-machine interface for control and monitoring systems. Sunlight-readable displays, often featuring high brightness and anti-glare technology, cater to outdoor applications.

All of our industrial TFTs and square monitors can be fully customised with capacitive touchscreens, a range of optical enhancements and custom cover lens to create a unique display for your application using CDS industrial TFT Display solutions.

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