CDS Embedded Industrial Solutions

We have a wide range of embedded industrial solutions, designed for reliability and high performance in the most testing applications. Our standard range covers a wide range of sizes and specifications but we are also able to offer custom solutions where required, designed and built to your specification.

An industrial touch screen panel PC product enables interaction without the need for a mouse and keyboard and many of our products have 7H harden anti-vandal glass so the touch screens continue to work in the harshest environments. They are high quality, look great with sleek designs and can carry a 5 year warranty. Our range varies in size of display from 7” up to 55”, performance option and IP (IP65 and IP66) rating depending and level of robustness you will need. The CDS Fanless embedded PCs feature CPU families from Xeon to Core, Atom to RISC and we have the most comprehensive fanless and embedded computing range in the UK.

CDS’s Panel PCs act as excellent HMIs and are an excellent answer to the demanding and increasing requirements in industrial applications as they are: intelligent, intuitive and scalable. The CDS product families of Panel PC systems offer a wide range of processor capacities and display dimensions. Widescreen displays in 16:9 format as well as 4:3 regular formats are all available.

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