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High Bright Panel PC Range

CDS High Brightness (bright screens) Industrial Panel PCs are suitable for numerous applications requiring a Human Machine Interface (HMI) including factory automation, energy, pharmaceutical, medical, food processing and outdoor applications.  The features of the high luminance industrial HMI PCs include elegant and edge-to-edge glass designs, which are well designed with rugged constructions, configurable performance, and flexible mounting options. 

The modular design of our industrial PPC range / High Bright Panel PCs, enables a wide selection of processor levels and display sizes, with both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios. Furthermore this flexible solution can accelerate product development and reduce the time to market for your project.

The CDS High brightness panel computers, also known as sunlight readable panel computers, have been designed specifically to operate in very bright environments with this range providing a brightness level up to 1600cd. Our range can also be equipped with a light sensor for auto brightness dimming, to save energy and extend the life span of the LCD panel and solution with bright screens.

Highlights of the High Brightness Panel PCs:

  • 10.4” – 21.5” (standard aspects) Other sizes available upon request.
  • Up to 1600cd brightness (bright screens)
  • Mix and match pc platforms from intel Atom to Core i7 / AMD Ryzen-V , pico itx 
  • High accuracy Multi touch PCAP touchscreens
  • Barebone solutions
  • 10.4” up to 21.5” as the core range.
  • Wide power inputs from 9V-36V. *Optional Extra
  • IP65 front face up to full waterproof IP68 solutions.
  • Rackmount PC, Rugged Laptop
  • High reliability Fanless with no moving parts (Fanless industrial pc)
  • Lockable power connectors
  • Various Aspect ratios

Modular Mix and Match System for High Bright Panel PCs

High Brightness Panel PCs Product Range:

Model NumberDisplay SizeBrightnessResolutionOperating TemperatureBox PC OptionsDatasheet
CDS-108510.4"1000 nits1024 x 7680°C -50°CB / CDatasheet
CDS-126812.1"1600 nits1024 x 7680°C -50°CB / C / D / EDatasheet
CDS-156815"1600 nits1024 x 7680°C -50°CB / C / D / EDatasheet
CDS-176817"1600 nits1280 x 10240°C -50°CB / C / D / EDatasheet
CDS-196819"1600 nits1280 x 10240°C -50°CB / C / D / EDatasheet
CDS-211821.5"1600 nits1920 x 10800°C -50°CB / C / D / EDatasheet
CDS-1568-N15" (Slim Bezel)1600 nits1024 x 7680°C -50°CB / C / D / EDatasheet
CDS-2118-N21.5" (Slim Bezel)1600 nits1920 x 10800°C -50°CB / C / D / EDatasheet

Table Notes:

All High Bright Panel PCs can be adapted for -20°C to +50°C if required.

Models ending with an N are an alternative design with a slimmer bezel

CPU Platform Options
CPU IDBaytrail Atom (BYT1)Braswell Celeron (BSW1)Intel Skylake (SKL2)Intel Haswell (HSW1)Intel Apollo Lake (APL7)
PC OptionsCPU PlatformsCPU ID Available
B TypeBYT11-3
B TypeBSW11-4
B TypeAPL71-5
B TypeSKL21-4
C TypeBYT11-3
C TypeBSW11-4
C TypeAPL71-5
C TypeSKL21-4
D TypeBYT11-3
D TypeBSW11-4
D TypeAPL71-5
D TypeSKL21-4
E TypeHSW11-2
E TypeSKL21-3

Quality & Reliability of CDS High Bright Panel PCs

The CDS high brightness panel PC (bright screen) and High Bright Panel PCs has been designed to included IP65 front panel, and fanless system operation overcome the potential problems of operation in harsher and demanding environments. This could include optical interference caused by reflection, refraction and scattering of light, dust, water, or the potential rapid change in temperature and / or high humidity. The range is particularly well suited to many applications including ticket vending machines (TVMs), access and control markets as well as modern smart access control systems and managing building efficiency systems in addition making this an ideal solution for companies looking to increase their operational efficiencies and reliability. The sleek, elegant design with ultra-low power consumption adds real value to our customers and the end users.

CDS also provides an extensive displays and optoelectronics portfolio with custom design services for specific display assembly requirements. CDS also has in-house UK based clean room conditions for touchscreen integration or repair. We also operate as a service centre for our clients for these products.

The CDS technical team ensure the optimum quality from the motherboard manufacturers, mainboards to monitor high brightness from all its portable touch monitors and open frame capacitive touch screens, plus resistive touch screens and focus in on touch sensitive screen definitions, SBC displays, and Single Board computer LCDs etc. 

If you are not sure which Industrial Panel PC to choose, simply call one of our technical experts or email to ‘discuss’ your requirements and we will recommend the best solution for you and your environment.  We have excellent in-depth product knowledge and really love to help with customer projects.  We have sample and loan stock of bright screens available and would gladly meet with you to demonstrate the technology or furthermore send you a sample for evaluation in these socially distanced times.

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litemax panel pc

Application Examples for CDS High Bright Panel PCs

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