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Stretched LCD Displays

Introducing Our Stretched LCD Displays Range

CDS offers cutting-edge Ultra-wide Stretched Bar Type Displays featuring diverse stretched resolutions. Referred to as BAR/Bar type/Bar top displays, these innovative displays boast an ultra-wide aspect ratio that captivates your audience’s attention. The high brightness LCD screen ensures impeccable visual performance across a broad spectrum of applications. While these remarkable displays find utility in a myriad of applications, they are particularly well-suited for gaming, vending, transportation, museums, and LED signage projects. The combination of brilliant cutting displays and high brightness, coupled with various stretched resolutions, extends their applicability to the outdoor market, enhancing visibility under sunlight conditions.

CDS stretched 1/3 cut
37.6 inch stretched panel pc railway

Features of CDS Ultra-wide Stretched Displays

  • Available in a range of Screen Sizes from 6.2″ to 86″.
  • High Brightness Sunlight Readable LED Backlight
  • Up to 4K UHD resolution
  • Available as enclosed monitors or component parts for integration
  • Wide range of video inputs available
  • Optional PCAP and IR Multi Touch Screens
  • IP65 / IP66 Options Available

Benefits of Bar Type Ultra-wide Stretched (Cut) Displays

  • Unique aspect ratio to catch viewers attention
  • No special software required
  • Amazing high resolution images
  • Industrial grade LCD solutions for optimum performance and reliability
  • Connect to existing Media Players, PCs and more via HDMI

Our Product Range

Our Stretched Product Range features displays with distinctive elongated shapes, perfect for applications where a non-traditional aspect ratio is desired. These displays are meticulously designed to cater to a variety of industries and use cases, offering unparalleled versatility and visual impact.

Below is a table showing our stretched monitor product range 

Part NumberDescriptionBrightnessResolutionBacklightOuter Dimensions (mm)Notes
PNL-062-001-EW-1000-L6.2″ Stretched LCD Panel1000 cd/m²1024×250LED165.7 x 55 x 3.85Industrial Grade
MO-123-001-EW-700-G12.3″ Stretched LCD Monitor 700 cd/m²1024×255LEDTBA – panel dimensions are 326.5×101.4Industrial Grade wide temp -20 to +70 °C
MO-123-002-EW-700-W12.3″ Stretched LCD Monitor 700 cd/m²1920×720LED341.1 x 142.9 x 61Industrial Grade, Optional Open frame, IP65 front/IP66 chassis available
MO-139-002-EW-300-G13.9″ Stretched LCD Monitor 300 cd/m²1280×398LEDTBA – panel dimensions are 358.5 x 131.3Industrial Grade
MO-139-001-EW-600-L13.9″ Stretched LCD Monitor 600 cd/m²1280×398LED360.9 x 132.5 x 48.6Industrial Grade
MO-149-001-EW-250-G14.9″ Stretched LCD Monitor250 cd/m²1280×136LEDTBC, Panel Dimensions are 396 x 63 mmIndustrial Grade
MO-150-001-EW-1000-L15″ Stretched High Bright LCD Monitor 1000 cd/m²1280×242LED410 x 108.2 x 39.3Industrial Grade
MO-150-002-EW-300-W15″ Stretched LCD Monitor 300 cd/m²1280×248LED401.7 x 116.9 x 61Industrial Grade
MO-155-001-EW-250-G15.5″ Stretched LCD Monitor 250 cd/m²1280×390LEDTBA – panel dimensions are 376.3 x 114.7Industrial Grade
MO-159-003-EW-1000-L15.9″ Stretched High Bright LCD Monitor 1000 cd/m²1280×512LED398.4 x 176.2 x 52.7Industrial Grade
MO-163-001-EW-320-G16.3″ Stretched LCD Monitor 320 cd/m²1366×238LED445.8 x 109.6 x 41.3Industrial Grade
MO-163-002-EW-X-G16.3″ Stretched LCD Monitor TBA1366×203LEDTBACOMING SOON
MO-163-003-EW-800-G16.3″ Stretched LCD Monitor800 cd/m²1920×285LEDTBC , panel dimensions are 432.0 x 85.1 mmIndustrial Grade wide temp -20 to +70 °C
MO-163-004-EW-350-L16.3″ Stretched LCD Monitor 350 cd/m²1366×238LED436.3 x 100.2 x 43Industrial Grade (also available with inbuilt touch)
MO-171-001-EW-X-G17.1″ Stretched LCD Touch Monitor TBA1366×486LEDTBAIndustrial Grade
MO-172-001-EW-1000-L17.2″ Stretched LCD Monitor 1000 cd/m²1366×510LED432.9 x 181.1 x 40Industrial Grade
MO-187-001-EW-1000-L18.7″ Stretched LCD Monitor (shelf edge)1000cd/m²1920×146LED499.6 x 54.3 x 31.8Industrial Grade, Ultra Slim Shelf Edge
MO-190-003-EW-700-W19″ Stretched LCD Monitor 300 / 700 cd/m² 1680×342LED499.4 x 136.9 x 61Industrial Grade, Optional Open frame, IP65 front/IP66 chassis available
MO-191-002-EW-700-G19.1″ Stretched LCD Monitor 700 cd/m²1920×360LEDTBA – panel dimensions are 495.6 x 114.9Industrial Grade, 250 nits also available
MO-191-003-EW-1200-L19.1″ Stretched High Bright LCD Monitor 1200 cd/m²1920×388LED508.01 x 132.00 x 47.05Industrial Grade
MO-192-001-EW-500-Z/PT19.2″ Stretched LCD PCAP Monitor500cd/㎡1920×360LED502 x 126 x 44.1 mmIndustrial Grade, inbuilt PCAP touch
MO-194-003-EW-700-G19.4″ Stretched LCD Monitor 700 cd/m²1920×539LED498.2 x 160.6 x 46Industrial Grade, also available with 250 nits
MO-194-001-EW-1000-G19.4″ Stretched High Bright LCD Monitor 1000 cd/m²1920×510LEDTBA – panel dimensions are 495.6 x 150.7Industrial Grade
MO-194-002-EW-1000-L19.4″ Stretched High Bright LCD Monitor 1000 cd/m²1920×536LED499.6 x 152.3 x 31.8Industrial Grade
MO-198-001-EW-250-G19.8″ Stretched LCD Monitor 250 cd/m²1920×640LED498.2 x 185.4 x 45Industrial Grade
MO-213-001-EW-1000-L21.28″ Stretched High Bright LCD Monitor1000 cd/m²1920×316LED558.5 x 119.5 x 46.1Industrial Grade
MO-218-001-EW-1000-G21.79″ Stretched LCD Monitor1000 cd/m²1920×818LED535.8 x 248 x 41.8 Industrial Grade
MO-219-001-EW-700-Z21.9″ Stretched LCD Monitor700 cd/m²1920×720LEDTBA, AA is 527.04 x 195.5 mmIndustrial Grade
MO-239-001-EW-500-G23.9″ Stretched LCD Monitor500 cd/m²1920×359LEDTBA – panel dimensions are 630 x 144Industrial Grade
MO-239-002-EW-700-Z23.9″ Stretched LCD Monitor700 cd/m²1920×360LEDTBA – AA is 597.6 (H) x 112 (V) mmIndustrial Grade
MO-240-001-EW-1000-L24″ Stretched High Brightness LCD Monitor 1000 cd/m²1920×360LEDTBA – panel dimensions 623.4 x 142.8 x 16.9Industrial Grade
MO-244-002-EW-1000-L24.4″ Stretched LCD Monitor1000 cd/m²1920×540LEDTBC, Panel Dimensions are 623.4 x 198.9 x 16.9Industrial Grade
MO-245-001-EW-500-G24.5″ Stretched LCD Monitor500 cd/m²1920×540LED635.0 x 210.6 x 46.9Industrial Grade
MO-246-001-EW-700-Z24.6″ Stretched LCD Monitor700 cd/m²1920×578LEDTBA, AA is 597.6 (H) x 180 (V) mmIndustrial Grade
MO-280-003-EW-1000-L28″ Stretched High Bright LCD Monitor 1000 cd/m²1920×360LED737 x 170 x 57.9Industrial Grade
MO-280-005-EW-600-W28″ Stretched LCD Monitor600 cd/m²1920×360LED754.3 x 188.7 x 66Industrial Grade
MO-285-002-EW-500-W28.5″ Stretched LCD Monitor 500 cd/m² 1920×540LEDTBAIndustrial Grade
MO-286-001-EW-3200-L28.6″ Stretched High Bright LCD Monitor3,200 cd/m² 1920×540LED734.5 x 232.5 x 60.1 High TNi Panel, Industrial Grade
MO-286-002-EW-1800-L28.6″ Stretched High Bright LCD Monitor1,800 cd/m² 1920×540LED734.5 x 232.5 x 60.1 High TNi Panel, Industrial Grade
MO-288-001-EW-1000-Z28.8″ Stretched High Bright LCD Monitor1,000 cd/m² 1920×540LEDTBA, AA is 699.5(H) x 145 (V) mmIndustrial Grade
MO-290-001-EW-700-V29″ Stretched LCD Monitor700 cd/m²1920×540LED741 x 235 x 55Digital Signage
MO-290-002-EW-700-Z29″ Stretched LCD Monitor700 cd/m²1920×540LED723.8 x 229.3 x 68 Industrial Grade
MO-293-001-EW-700-V29.3″ Stretched LCD Monitor700 cd/m²1920×708 LED742 x 297 x 56Digital Signage
MO-294-001-EW-1000-L29.4″ Stretched High Bright LCD Monitor 1000 cd/m²1920×720LED738 x 305.2 x 61.9Industrial Grade
MO-294-002-EW-2000-L29.4″ Stretched High Bright LCD Monitor 2000 cd/m²1920×720LED738 x 305.2 x 58.9High TNi Panel, Industrial Grade
MO-348-001-EW-2000-L34.8″ High Bright Stretched LCD Monitor 2000 cd/m²1920×264LED902 x 151.9 x 62.2Industrial Grade
MO-358-001-EW-1600-L35.8″ High Bright Stretched LCD Monitor 1600 cd/m²1920×534LED902 x 273.3 x 62.2Industrial Grade
MO-358-002-EW-1000-L35.8″ High Bright Stretched LCD Monitor 1000 cd/m²1920×532LEDTBC, Panel Dimensions are 895.5 x 265.6 x 31.1 Industrial Grade
MO-366-001-EW-1000-L36.6″ High Bright Stretched LCD Monitor 1000 cd/m²1920×290LED962.8 x 177 x 56.2Industrial Grade
MO-368-001-EW-1000-L36.8″ High Bright Stretched LCD Monitor 1000 cd/m²1920×358LED962.8 x 210.1 x 56.2Industrial Grade
MO-368-002-EW-1000-Z36.8″ High Bright Stretched LCD Monitor 1000 cd/m²1920×360LED963.2 (H) × 209.2(V) x 61.2 mmIndustrial Grade
MO-370-001-EW-1000-L37″ Stretched High Bright LCD Monitor1000 cd/m²1920×540LED938.5 x 290.5 x 61.8High TNi panel, Industrial Grade
MO-370-002-EW-700-Z37″ Stretched High Bright LCD Monitor700 cd/m²1920×540LED917.9 x 283.9 x 70Industrial Grade
MO-370-003-EW-3000-L37″ Stretched High Bright LCD Monitor3000 cd/m²1920×540LED938.5 x 290.5 x 61.8High TNi panel, Industrial Grade
MO-376-003-EW-1000-L37.6″ Stretched High Bright LCD Monitor 1000 cd/m²1920×540LED962.6x 304.9 x 54.2Industrial Grade
MO-378-001-EW-700-Z37.8” Industrial Stretched Display700 cd/m²1920×387LEDTBA – active area 941.18 x 190 mm Industrial Grade
MO-380-003-1000-EW-Z38″ Stretched High Bright LCD Monitor 1000 cd/m²1920×540LED959.4 x 308 x 73.4 Industrial Grade
MO-380-004-EW-500-W38″ Stretched High Bright LCD Monitor 500 cd/m² 1920×540LED989.6 x 311.9 x 86Industrial Grade, 700 & 1,000 & 1,500 nits available as well as IP65 front/IP66 chassis
MO-420-002-EW-500-W42″ High Bright Stretched LCD Monitor 500 cd/m²1920×480LED1068.18 x 292.22 x 107.5Industrial Grade
MO-422-001-EW-3000-L42.2″ Stretched High Bright LCD Monitor3000 cd/m²1920×480LED1072.8 x 296.9 x 66.1 High TNi panel, Industrial Grade
MO-422-002-EW-1000-L42.2″ Stretched High Bright LCD Monitor1000 cd/m²1920×480LED1062.5 x 286.5 x 84.7 High TNi panel, Industrial Grade
MO-424-001-EW-1000-Z42.4″ Stretched LCD Monitor1,000 cd/m²1920×143LED1141.4 x 148.6 x 63 mmIndustrial Grade, 12vdc I/P, with mounting flanges, MOQ applies
MO-430-001-EW4K-1000-L43″ Stretched LCD Monitor1000 cd/m²3840×720LEDTBC, Panel Dimensions are 1096.5 x 224.1 x 25.1Industrial Grade
MO-435-001-EW-2000-L43.5″ High Bright Stretched LCD Monitor 2000 cd/m²1920×268LEDTBC, Panel Dimensions are 1121.7 x 184.8 x 21.6Industrial Grade
MO-435-002-EW-1000-Z43.5″ High Bright Stretched LCD Monitor 1000 cd/m²1920×270LEDTBC, AA is 1095.84(H) x 153.0(V) mmIndustrial Grade
MO-448-002-EW4K-1000-L44.8″ High Bright 4K Stretched LCD Monitor 1000 cd/m²3840×1076 LEDTBC, Panel Dimensions are 1121.7 x 338.9 x 21.6 Industrial Grade
MP-470-001-EW-500-Z47″ High Bright 4K Stretched LCD Monitor 500 cd/m²3840×160LED1,212 x 65.9 x 67 mmIndustrial Grade, Android board
MO-483-001-EW-1000-Z48.3″ Stretched LCD Monitor1000 cd/m²3840×640 LED1243.6 x 228.4 mmIndustrial Grade
MO-485-001-EW-600-V48.5″ Stretched LCD Monitor600 cd/m²1920×357LED1251 x 267 x 65.5Digital Signage
MO-485-003-EW-3000-L48.5″ Stretched LCD Monitor3000 cd/m²1920×360LED1235 x 252.2 x 66 High TNi panel,, Industrial Grade
MO-485-004-EW4K-1200-L48.5″ Stretched LCD Monitor1200 cd/m²3840×720 LEDTBC, Panel Dimensions are 1244.6 x 265.3 x 27.6Industrial Grade
MO-495-004-EW-800-Z49.5″ Stretched LCD Monitor800 cd/m²3840×1080LED1243.6 x 374.2 x 66.03Industrial Grade
MO-495-006-EW-1000-Z49.5″ Stretched LCD Monitor1000 cd/m²1920×540LEDTBA, AA is 1209.6(H) × 340.2(V) mmIndustrial Grade
MO-495-005-EW4K-1800-L49.5″ Stretched 4K LCD Monitor1800 cd/m²3840×1080LED1247.2 x 381.3 x 68.4 Industrial Grade
MO-519-001-EW4K-1400-L50.5″ Stretched High Bright 4K LCD Monitor1400 cd/m²3840×1077LED1304.2 x 394.8 x 67.4Industrial Grade
MO-566-001-EW4K-1000-L56.6″ Stretched High Bright 4K LCD Monitor1000 cd/m²3840×456LEDTBC, Panel Dimensions are 1462.4 x 203.3Industrial Grade
MO-566-002-EW-1000-Z56.6″ Stretched High Bright LCD Monitor1000 cd/m²1920×240LEDTBA, AA is 1428.5 mm (H) x 177(V) mmIndustrial Grade
MO-574-001-EW4K-1000-L57.4″ Stretched High Bright 4K LCD Monitor 1000 cd/m²3840×810LED1462.5 x 333.8 x 65.1Industrial Grade
MO-575-001-EW-2000-Z57.5″ Stretched High Bright 4K LCD Monitor 2000 cd/m²3840×810LEDTBA, AA is 1428.48(H) x 301.2(V) mmIndustrial Grade
MO-584-002-EW4K-600-V58.4″ Stretched 4K LCD Monitor600 cd/m²3840×1067LED1463 x 429 x 56Digital Signage
MO-584-003-EW-800-Z58.4″ Stretched 4K LCD Monitor800 cd/m²3840×1080LED1473.6 x 446.6 x 72.02 Industrial Grade
MO-674-001-EW4K-1000-L67.4″ Stretched 4K High Bright LCD Monitor1,000 cd/m²3840×1076LED1699.70 x 500.40 x 71.40Industrial Grade
MO-770-001-EW4K-1000-V77″ Stretched 4K LCD Monitor1,000 cd/m²3840×600LED1934 x 381.6 x 65.2Digital Signage
MO-775-001-EW-700-Z77.5″ Stretched 4K LCD Monitor700 cd/m²3840×1080LED1,929.6 x 567.6 x 72.03Industrial Grade
MO-860-001-EW4K-500-LG86″ Stretched LG LCD Monitor500 cd/m²3840×600LED2158.8 x 348.5 x 81.7Industrial Grade

stretched monitor

What Is A Stretched LCD Monitor?

A stretched LCD monitor, also known as a stretched display or bar-type display, is a type of LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screen that has a unique and non-standard aspect ratio. Unlike traditional monitors that typically have a 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio, stretched LCD monitors have an elongated and narrow shape.


CDS stretched LCD monitors find versatile applications across various industries, thanks to their unique aspect ratio and eye-catching design. Here are some notable applications for CDS stretched LCD monitors:

  • Digital Signage:
    • Ideal for creating attention-grabbing digital signage in retail stores, shopping malls, airports, and other public spaces.
  • Advertising Displays:

    • Captivate audiences in advertising and marketing campaigns with dynamic and visually impactful content.
  • Transportation Displays:

    • Enhance passenger information systems in buses, trains, airports, and subway stations with clear and visible information.
  • Gaming Machines:

    • Provide an immersive gaming experience with stretched displays that offer a wide field of view, enhancing gameplay engagement.
  • Museums and Exhibitions:

    • Showcase information, interactive exhibits, and multimedia presentations in museums and exhibitions with a unique visual appeal.
  • Retail Applications:

    • Display product information, promotions, and branding in retail environments to attract customer attention.
  • Entertainment Venues:

    • Create visually striking displays in entertainment venues, theaters, and arenas for promotional content and event information.
  • Hospitality:

    • Upgrade guest experiences in hotels and resorts by using stretched displays for wayfinding, event information, and promotional content.
  • Corporate Lobbies:

    • Make a statement in corporate settings by using stretched monitors for corporate communications, announcements, and branding.
  • Control Rooms:

    • Facilitate effective monitoring and control in command centers with stretched displays providing a panoramic view of critical information.
  • Vending Machines:

    • Modernize vending machines with interactive displays that can showcase product information, advertisements, and promotions.
  • Outdoor Signage:

    • Utilize high-brightness stretched displays for outdoor applications, ensuring visibility in various lighting conditions.
transport display, stretched monitor
CDS stretched install ships

Need a Touchscreen For a Stretched Display? No Problem!

We have both IR and PCAP touchscreens available for use with our stretched monitors. They can be fully customized in terms of glass size, thickness, number of touch points etc. CDS has even made bespoke shape cover glass with specific cut outs and produced the glass in custom colours with logo / branding etc

CDS stretched touch PCAP overlay

Looking For a Shelf Edge POS Display That Stands Out? Look No Further!

Explore our extensive collection of Stretched LCD Displays tailored for shelf edge advertising. Our lineup includes a 27.5″ HD LCD (Model: MO-275-001-EW-1000-L), and we’re excited to introduce a recently added 21″ variant crafted from a full HD panel (Model: MO-210-EW-1200-L).

Torn Between Using a Stretched Display or a Transparent LCD?

Why Not Combine Both For Something Special?

In order to make the CDS stretched LCDs we have to cut the bottom away from a traditional LCD panel to get the unique aspect ratio. We have taken this one stage further and put one of our Transparent LCD Panels through the cutting process and created a Stretched Transparent LCD panel. We can offer them as raw components or as finished showcases with or without touchscreen. We have many different sizes / options we can create so please get in touch to discuss your requirements with our technical sales team.

stretched transparent, stretched display showcase

Take a Look At Our Stretched Displays in Action!

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