PCAP Touch screen Overlays

Wide Range of PCAP Touch Overlays for Industrial, Gaming, and Commercial Use (Custom Options Available)

CDS PCAP touch monitors

PCAP touch screen Overlays and the CDS Projected Capacitive touch screen technology works off of an electrostatic field that is created by layers of conductive materials that are individually etched to form a grid pattern of electrodes. A touch event occurs when a finger or conductive stylus interferes with the electric field projected above the surface. This change in capacitance is detected by the controller which interprets the X and Y coordinates of the event. Multiple fingers can be tracked simultaneously and the controller supports common multi-touch gestures. Whether it be a PCAP film, PCAP glass, PCAP screens, PCAP monitors, PCAP touch panels or kiosk touchscreen PCs, drive thru kiosks, or touch screen kiosks etc. the same touchscreen accuracy will apply with CDS touch screens. 

* Up to 65″ available
* Multi touch (10 points, 40 points)
* No moire and invisible wire
* 0.5 mm gap between LCD and touch sensors
* Variety glass option supported
* Mirror glass, AF, etc.
* Custom size and shapes of coverglass
* High Speed response time
* Marker objective sensor readable

CDS provides total solutions for PCAP touch screen Overlays / Projected Capacitive Touchscreens (PCAP) through various touch panel structures including sacrificial glass layers. Due to its highly durable and smooth surface, PCAP touch is suitable for medical and industrial touch screen monitor applications, and an ideal touch solution for the embedded applications such as process control, Gaming monitors, Industrial instrumentation, in-vehicle Sat Nav GPS or and other input devices. Full colour screen printing is available for the top glass including corporate Logo as well as custom PCAP button solutions.

Our Touchscreens interface with most Operating Systems with accurate multi-touch positions and configurable one- and two-finger gesture recognition for the easy customization in application level.

Display technology has witnessed remarkable advancements in recent years, resulting in bright screens with high cd/m² values. These bright screens are especially valuable in outdoor settings, where visibility in direct sunlight can be challenging. Industrial touch screens, designed to withstand rugged environments, are equipped with this advanced display technology. Their robustness is essential for various industrial applications, where reliability and resilience are paramount.

Industrial screens, including touch screens, have become indispensable tools in manufacturing, automation, and control systems. The use of cutting-edge display technology in these industrial screens ensures optimal performance in harsh conditions, making them an invaluable component in today’s industrial landscape.

PCAP Tail Designs Give you the Optimum Solution

Just as there are different structures and sizes for PCAP touch panels, PCAP touch panel tail designs are different as well. Below are the characteristics of PCAP tails:

  • The number of ITO traces embedded in touch panels is dependent on panel size with larger panels having more tracks.
  • The location of the tail is usually on the long side of the touch panel, the shorter the tail the better the touch functionality.
  • A PCAP touch panel can have two or more tails , including a COF tail.
  • We use a ZIP connector for the PCAP COF tail to reduce the size and height of the system connector.

pcap tail designs

Custom PCAP Touch

We can custom design PCAP touch overlays for your display! As you may know, we offer square and stretched LCDs and for many customers, they would like to make these unusual shaped displays even more impressive with the addition of touch interaction. 

CDS stretched touch PCAP overlay


Ruggedised Touchscreens

Our PCAP panels can work through a cover glass of up to 12mm!  This means the number of applications and markets are considerable where you need rugged glass or vandal resistant products.  We fully support customized PCAP touchscreen products to meet your requirements.  An example below is of and industrial 19” touch panel with the 12mm cover glass.  Note also the thickness and therefore high quality of the touch tail to help ruggedization and reliability for you!

CDS touch displays

Our capacitive touch screens have a wide range of applications.

For example; touch monitors, touch tables, KIOSK, ATM, industrial PCs, ticket vending machines (TVMs), medical equipment, industrial tablets and more.

SPECIFICATION of Our PCT PCAP touch screen Overlays 

  • Structure : Glass+Glass
  • IC controller : EETI ( best and most reliable industrial solution )
  • Cover Glass Thickness (mm): 0.7 mm – 6 mm Tempered Glass as standard (up to 12mm)
  • Interface : USB, I2C, RS232.
  • Touch Points: 1-40 Touch Points.
  • OS : Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows XP / Android / Linux / Mac

Why choose CDS’s Project Capacitive Touch Screen?

  • Perfect Work in any environment, especially outdoors
  • High reliability and accuracy
  • Perfect touch response and support 10 multi-touch
  • High transparency and support 6mm Tempered Cover Glass as standard
  • Factory Price


  • Screen Printing and Custom LOGO and all design
  • Anti-Reflection (AR Coating)
  • Anti-Glare (AG Coating)
  • Vandal-resistant / Work with water on surface (see video)  / Touch with gloves on  / Work with Ultra-thick Cover Lens
Alternatives and replacements for many manufacturers offering and a clarity and touch range plus MicroTouch Single-Touch SCT, MicroTouch Multi-Touch PCAP System, Projective Glass (SCT / PCAP Options), and ThruTouch.

CDS, as a touchscreen distributor, has a wide range of PCAP touchscreens covers many options including:

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