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Small Format TFT Range

Introducing Our Small Format TFT Range

CDS are pleased to announce our new range of Small Format TFT LCDs and LCD panels. Please find below a list of our excellent wide range of small format Industrial LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) TFTs in standard and stretched (bar type) formats. A wide range of TFT LCDs with multiple options including touch integrated PCAP (Projected Capacitive Touch) screens. 

The small LCDs and small TFT Displays / small LCD screen can be standard off the shelf or bespoke design in various shapes including Letterbox TFTs, square displays, LCD panels and round TFTs. Industrial Displays and automotive TFT displays are advanced solutions and can include sunlight readable TFTs, transflective LCDs, transflective memory in pixel, PCAP sensors, military displays, Rugged displays, as well as industrial grade solutions with touchscreens. The display solutions come in different formats including 16:10, 4:3 and 16:9 format LCDs including touch panel displays. CDS has the widest small format TFT and LCD panel range in Europe so we can find the best display to meet your needs.

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Choosing The Right Display Technology For Diverse Applications

When it comes to choosing the right display technology for diverse applications, the options are as varied as the needs themselves. Whether you require a Bar Type TFT LCD for a unique aspect ratio, or an IPS TFT LCD for wide viewing angles, the market offers a plethora of choices. For applications exposed to direct sunlight, the Distributor High Brightness Powertip TFT LCD and Outdoor TFT LCDs are essential, ensuring sunlight viewing without compromising visibility. In scenarios where touch functionality is necessary, TFT LCD with Touch can be the perfect solution. If you’re looking to create an eye-catching, immersive experience, consider the Stretch TFT LCD for a letterbox format that stands out. Whether it’s a Wide View TFT LCD for broader perspectives or a TFT LCD designed for outdoor, sunlight viewing, the technology is there to meet your specific requirements.

Key Features

  • High quality and reliable High Resolution Small Format TFT LCDs (LCD TFT)
  • Integrated resistive and PCAP (Projected Capacitive Touchscreens) options
  • Short lead-time and quick sample delivery
  • Wide viewing angles and high resolutions
  • High brightness options (Hi-brite TFTs)
  • Extended temperature right up to automotive and military display specifications
  • Custom design facility and bespoke designs including small LCD screens
  • Sizes from 1″ inch up to 21.5″ inch
  • Anti-reflection film and optically bonded TFTs available upon request
  • Parallel and Serial interfaces available upon request
  • Full list of LCD and TFT panel data sheets.
  • TFT Power supplies
  • High brightness TFT and industrial video monitors
  • PCAP Monitors, TFT displays, TFT screen, touch foils, touchscreen components, touchscreen solutions, transflective displays, FHD TFTs, FHD TFTs, EETI touch controllers, display readable LCD,  and most Display Technology
  • Small LCD screens, Batron display equivalents, Sharp mip displays, SBC 330 etc.

Product Specifications

LCD Displays 1″ to 4.9″

Size (“)Part NumberResolution (pixels)Brightness (cd)Dimensions (mm)Op. Temp. (℃)InterfaceTouch
4.3CA043QWQ55NG480×272350105.5×67.2×2.95-20~70RGB 24bitOptional
1.8CC018Q2NN0301480×27240034.7×46.7×2.7-10~60 parallel
4.3CA043QWQ55HS + CTP-043FD06480×272400105.5×67.2×2.95-20~70RGB 24bitOptional
4.3CA043QWQ55HS480×272480105.5×67.2×2.95-20~70RGB 24bitOptional
4.3CA043QWQ49NG480×272350105.5×67.2×2.95-20~70RGB 24bitOptional
1.77 CF018A0P-SE3WQVGA>20034.7×46.7×2.55-20~70SPI
4.3CA043QWQ49HS480×272500105.5×67.2×2.95-20~70RGB 24bitOptional
1.77 CF018A0P-S13480×272>20034.7×46.7×2.55-20~70MCU 8bit / 16bit
4.3CA043QWQ49HG480×272500105.5×67.2×2.95-20~70RGB 24bitOptional
1.54CB0154AZC-T-1240×24040035.75×39.75MCU 8/9 bitsCTP
1.54CB0154AZC-1240×24050031.5×33.72-20~70MCU 8/9 bitsOptional
4.3CA043PWQ02NG480×272350105.5×67.2×2.9-20~70RGB 24bitOptional
4.3CA043CWQ74HS480×272105.5×67.2×2.95-20~70RGB 24bitOptional
1.44 CF144011CPILWQVGA>20030.3×34.4×3.4-20~70MCU 8bit /16bitRTP
4.3 CDT-043-JY-TN01 480×272 450 105.5×67.2×2.9 Digital RTP/CTP
1CB0100CZG128×6420026.7×19.26-20~70SPI / MCU
0.96CDS009G13-05160×8020013.5 x 27.95 x 1.54 Line SPI
3.9CA039QWQ05HS480×128500105.5×40.64×2.95-20~70RGB 24bit Optional
3.9CA039QWQ01HS-DC02480×128500105.5×40.64×2.95-20~70RGB 24bit Optional
3.9CA039QWQ01HS480×128500105.5×40.64×2.95-20~70RGB 24bit Optional
3.5CG10009-01320X48027554.86×84.29×2.5-20~7024-Bit RGB
3.5CE035AQDDDT-06480×27248076.9 X 63.9 X 4.0-20~70TTL4W RTP
3.5CE035AQDDDT-01480×27232076.9 X 63.9 X 3.9-20~70TTL4W RTP
3.5CE035AQDDDN-06480×27260076.9 X 63.9 X 4.0-20~70TTL
3.5CE035AQDDDN-02480×27238076.9 X 63.9 X 2.8-20~70TTL
3.50 CF35HV15AR480×27222854.5×83.0x3.6-20~70MCU 8bit/16bitRTP
3.50 CF350MTQV-01480×27230076.9×63.9×3.15-20~70RGB
3.50 CF350MTQI-02480×2729064x85x3-20~70RGB 18 bit+SPI
3.50 CF035TC-Z01P480×27245076.9×63.9×3.15-20~70RTP
3.50 CF035FP-01P480×27221054.5x83x3.35-20~70MCU 8bit/16bitRTP
3.50 CF035A02-V1480×27225076.9x64x4.2-20~70SPI+RGBRTP
3.5CB0350FVG-8QVGA60076.80x 63.80RGBOptional
3.5CB0350CZG-T-2QVGA26076.90x 64RGB/CCIR656/601 CTP
4.6CA046QWV05NS480×272350120.7×56.16×3.1-20~70RGB 24bit Optional
4.6CA046QWV04NSWQVGA350120.7×56.16×3.1-20~70RGB 24bit Optional
4.3CG10030-01480X272500105.5×67.2×3.05-20 ~5524-Bit RGBRTP
4.3CB0430TGR480×272500105.50 x 67.20 x 2.95-30~80RGBOptional
3.5CB0350AZGQVGA30076.90×64RGB / CCIR656 / 601
3.5CA035TV04HSQVGA60064.0x85x2.9-20~70RGB 18bitOptional
3.5CA035TV01HS-DR01240×32080064.0x85x2.9-20~70RGB &SPIOptional
4.3CK043GQ32-R2 480×272550105.5 x 67.2 x 5.5mm -30~85TTLOptional
3.5CA035TV01HS-DC18320×48080064.0x85x2.9-20~70RGB &SPIOptional
4.3CK043GW32-R1 480×272105.5 x 67.2 x 5.5mm -20~70Optional
3.5CA035TV01HS-DC11320×48080064.0x85x2.9-20~70RGB & SPIOptional
4.3CK043GW32-R0 480×272550 105.5 x 67.2 x 5.3mm -20~70TTLOptional
3.5CA035TV01HS 240×32080064.0x85x2.9-20~70RGB &SPIOptional
4.3CC043WQTR1005320 x 240400105.5×67.2×9-20~70RGBRTP
4.3CC043WQTR1004320 x 240400105.5×67.2×9-20~70RGBRTP
3.5CA035CQ35NS-DR11320×24021076.90×63.9×4.41-20~70RGB 24bitOptional
3.5CA035CQ35NS-DC01320×48030076.9×63.9×3.26-20~70RGB 24bitOptional
3.5 CDT-035-JY-0H07 320×480 350 54.5×84.71×2.1 Digital RTP/CTP
4.3CC043WQTC0103320 x 240900105.5×67.2×10.4-20~70RGBCTP
3.5CA035CQ35NS240×32030076.9×63.9×3.26-20~70RGB 24bitOptional
4.3CC043WQTC0102320 x 240900105.5×67.2×10.4-20~70RGBCTP
3.5 CDT-035-JY-MCQH 320×240 30076.9×63.9×3.2 RGB RTP/CTP
3.45CG10045-01320X24027563.9×78.9×3.1-20~7024-Bit RGB
3.2CF32QV08BRQVGA25755.04×77.7×3.77-20~70MCU 8bit/16bitRTP
3.20 CF314C-02A480×27220055.04×77.7×3.65-20~70MCU 8bit/16bitRTP
4.3CC043WQNN0503240 x 320250105.5×67.2×2.95-20~70RGB
3.2CF32QV08AC(240×400)30455.04×77.7×3.77-20~70MCU 8bit/16bitCTP
3.2CC035QVNN0301WQVGA25076.9 x 63.9 x 3.25-20~70parallelNo
3.2CB0320DUG-T-2WQVGA6557.54×79.20Parallel / RGBRTP
3.2CB0320DUG240×4008357.54×79.20Parallel / RGB
3.2CA032WQ04-CT1320×12822047.66×80.9×2.3-20~70RGB & MCU& SPIOptional
3.2CA032WQ04QVGA22047.66×80.9×2.3-20~70RGB & MCU& SPIOptional
3CB0300HZQQVGA30043.04×74.918bit RGB
3CB0300AMG320×1288047.28x 76.4Parallel / RGB
2.9CA029XQ04NS 240×320Optional
4.3CE043AWDDDT-05128×160400113.5 X 73 X 6.5-20~70TTL4W RTP
4.3CE043AWDDDT-04128×128400113.5 X 73 X 6.5-20~70TTL4W RTP
4.3CE043AWDDDT-03128×64450113.5 X 73 X 6.5-20~70TTLCTP: i2C
2.83CB0283BZM04CB-1240×32020050 x 69.2CPU
4.3CE043AWDDDN-06128×160900105.6 X 67.3 X 3.9-20~70TTLOptional
2.83CB0283HZG320×24022050.00×69.20 MCUOptional
4.3CE043AWDDDN-05 128×160900105.6 X 67.3 X 3.9-20~70TTLOptional
2.83CB0283FZG-T-1QVGA16050.00×69.20 MCURTP
4.3CE043AWDDDN-04128 x 128600105.6 X 67.3 X 3.9-20~70TTL
2.83CB0283FZG-1320×24020050.00×69.20 MCUOptional
4.3CE043AWDDDN-03800×320600105.6 X 67.3 X 3.9-20~70TTL
2.8CE028AQUDDN-03 480×27230050 X 69.2 X 3-20~70MCU / SerialOptional
4.3CF430MCNH-12480×2721100105.5×67.2×2.9-20~70RGB RTP CTP
4.3CF430MCNH-11WQVGA480105.5×67.2×2.9-20~70RGB RTP CTP
4.3CF043015CMHX480×272480105.5×67.2×2.9-20~70RGB RTP
2.8CF28011T-00480×27220050×69.2×3.35-20~70MCU 8bit / 16bitRTP
2.8CF28QV02AR480×27222050×69.2×3.58-20~70MCU 8bit / 16bitRTP
2.7CB0270BMR-1240×32025063.50×46.60RGB / CCIR
4.3CB0430NZG-T480×272800105.5×67.224bit RGBRTP
2.4CG10007-01240X32022542.72×60.26×2.55-20~7016-Bit RGB
4.3CB0430NZGWQVGA1000105.5×67.224bit RGBOptional
4.3CB0430N2ZG-T-1WQVGA900105.5×67.224bit RGBCTP
4.3CB0430LZG-T-7WQVGA480105.5×67.224bit RGBRTP
2.4CC024VQNN0306240×32030042.72×60.26×2.5-20~706 bits RGB
4.3CB0430LZG-8480×272520105.5×67.224bit RGBOptional
2.4CC024VQNN0303240×32030042.72×60.26×2.5-20~70parallel / RGB / SPI
4.3CB0430LZG-7WQVGA600105.5×67.224bit RGBOptional
2.4CB0240RZS240×32025042.92×60.26RGB / MCU / SPI
2.4CB0240PZG240×32022042.72×60.26-20~70MCU / RGB
4.3CB0430L2ZG-T-10480×272550105.5×67.224bit RGBCTP
2.4CB0240PZD-T-1240×32017642.72×60.26MCU / RGBRTP
2.4CA024HQ35NN QVGAOptional
2.4CF24QV18ARWVGA30442.72×60.26×3.5-20~70MCU 8bit / 16bitRTP
4.3CB0430EZG-T-7480×272210105.4×67.124bit RGBRTP
2.4CF24003T-00480×80015042.72×60.26×3.25-20~70MCU 8bit / 16bitRTP
4.3CB0430EZG-7WQVGA270105.4×67.124bit RGBOptional
2.4 CDT-024-JY-MCQI 240*320 160 42.72×60.26×2.46 MCU RTP/CTP
4.3CB0430EZG-11480×272230105.5×67.224bit RGBOptional
4.3CB0430E2ZG-T-11WQVGA230105.5×67.224bit RGBCTP
2.2CB0220BMG240×32022040.60×56.60RGB / SPI
4.3CA043QWQ56HS480×2721000105.5×67.2×2.95-20~70RGB 24bitOptional
2CB0200BMC176×22022038.03×51.65 -20~70MCU 8 / 16 bits
4.3CA043QWQ56HG480×2721000105.5×67.2×2.95-20~70RGB 24bitOptional
2CF20CC059A480×27218037.68×51.3×2.15-20~70 MCU 8bit / 16bit

Displays Panels 5″ to 10.2″

Size (“)Part NumberResolution (pixels)Brightness (cd)Dimensions (mm)Op. Temp. (°C)InterfaceTouch
8CE080FSDDDV-H0800 x 6001000183 X 141 X 9.94-20 ~ 70 TTLOptional
7CA070SWV95HG800 x 480500164.9x100x3.55 -20~70RGB 24bit Optional
8CK080AWT8 R0 1024 x 600 670192.8 x 116.9 x 6.4mm -30~85LVDSOptional
7CA070SWV94NG-DC16800 x 480400164.9x100x5.7 -20~70RGB 24bit Optional
8CE080FSDDLV-H0800 x 6001000183 X 141 X 9.94-20 ~ 70 LVDSOptional
7CA070SWV94NG800 x 480400164.9x100x5.7 -20~70RGB 24bit Optional
8CK080AWP4 R0 800 x 480 500190.0 x 120.0 x 6.0mm -30~85TTLOptional
7CA070WV92800 x 480250164.9x100x3.5 -20~70RGB 24bitOptional
8CE080ZADDLN-001024 x 600500192.8 X 116.9 X 6.4-20 ~ 70 LVDSOptional
7 CDT-070-JY-TN92 800 x 480 250162.5×96.62×1.43 LVDSRTP/CTP
8CF800MIXH-011024 x 600500192.8×116.9×6.4-20 ~70 Digital
7CJ070IFW1-A001024 x 600600164.9x100x5.7 -20~70LVDS
8CF800MIWN-01800 x 480450192.8×116.9×6.4-20 ~70 TTL
7 CDT-070-JY-PL021024 x 6001400165×99.6×6.5LVDSRTP/CTP
8CE080ZGDDDN-00800 x 480450 192.8 X 116.9 X 6.4-20 ~ 70 TTLOptional
7CJ070IDW1-EXX800 x 480450164.9x100x5.7 -20~70TTL
8CE080FSDDLT-02800 x 600320183 X 141 X 11.9-20 ~ 70 LVDS4W RTP
7 CDT-070-JY-WS51024 x 600 900165x100x5.8 LVDSRTP/CTP
8CE080FSDDLV-00800 x 600400183 X 141 X 10.3-20 ~ 70 LVDSOptional
7CJ070IDW1-G00800 x 480600164.9x100x5.7-30~85TTL
8CE080FSDDLV-01800 x 600250183 X 141 X 10.3-20 ~ 70 LVDSOptional
7 CDT-070-JY-WS41024 x 600500163.75×96.9×2.6 mmMIPIRTP/CTP
8CE080FSDDDV-06800 x 600250183 X 141 X 10.3-20 ~ 70 TTLOptional
7 CJ070IDW5-A00800 x 480450167x93x5.4 -20~70TTL
8CE080FSDDDT-00800 x 600320183 X 141 X 10.3-20 ~ 70 TTLOptional
7 CDT-070-JY-WS3 1024 x 600500163.75×96.9×2.6 MIPIRTP/CTP
8CE080FSDDDV-01800 x 600400183 X 141 X 10.3-20 ~ 70 TTLOptional
6.95CB070VMK1280 x 800400161×107 LVDS
8CE080FSDDDV-00800 x 600250183 X 141 X 10.3-20 ~ 70 TTLOptional
6.95CB0695DIG-T-5800 x 1280300115.9x 180.8 MIPICTP
8CD800080H800 x 480450192.8×116.9×6.4-20 ~ 70 RGB
6.95CB0695DIG-5800 x 1280350103.32×161.89MIPIOptional
8CD800080G1024 x 768250174×136×2.8-20 ~ 70 RGB
6.95CB0695DIK800 x 1280400104.43×161.78 LVDSOptional
8CD800080G+CTP800 x 600250183×141×7.9-20 ~ 70 RGBCTP
6.9CA069IWX01HG480 x 1280181×66.6×7.15Optional
8CC080WVNN0101800 x 480450192.8 x 116.9 x 6.4-30 ~ 85 RGB (TTL)
6.86CB0686AML-T-2480 x 128039073.90 x 183.00 x 7.53LVDS
8CB0800HIG1024 x 600500192.8×116.9LVDS
6.8CB0686AML-T480 x 128039073.9×183LVDSCTP
8CB0800GIG-T800 x 600250183×141LVDSOptional
6.8CB0686AML480 x 128045066.6×181LVDS
8CB0800GIG800 x 600250183×141LVDSOptional
6.5CD800065A800 x 480400155.2×89.4×5.5 -20~70RGB
8CB0800BIG-4800 x 600250183×141RGBOptional
6.5CB0650BMG640 x 480800153x 118LVDS
8CB0800AIG-2800 x 4801000192.8×116.9RGBOptional
6.5CB0650AIG800 x 480400155.2×89.424bit RGBCTP Optional
8CB0800AIG800 x 480450192.8×116.924bit RGB
6.2CB0620AMG800 x 480400155.2×88.2RGB
8CA080QXG04EA1024 x 7681000183x141x6.15 -20~70LVDSOptional
6.2CA062IWV04HS800 x 480600155.2×88.2×3.5 -30~85RBG 24bitOptional
8CA080QSV03EA-DC13-D14800 x 6001000183x141x6.1 -20~70RGBOptional
6.2CK062SWP1 R1 800 x 480 147 x 86.23 x 1.43 mm -30~85TTLOptional
8CJ080IFW1-A001024 x 600600192.8×116.9×4.2 -20~70LVDS
6.2CJ062IDW1-A02800 x 480400155.22×88.2×5.0 -20~70TTL
8CA080QSV02EA-DC05-D14800 x 6001000183x141x6.1 -20~70RGBOptional
6CD800060A800 x 480350145.5×87.8×3.4 -20~70RGB
8CJ080IDW1-CXX800 x 480600192.8×116.9×6.4 -20~70TTL
6CB0600AMG800 x 480400145.5×87.8RGB
8CA080QSV03EA800 x 6001000183x141x6.1 -20~70RGBOptional
5.8CA058IWV01HSO800 x 320600155.2×64.46×4 -30~70RGB 24bit Optional
8CJ080IDW1-E01800 x 480500192.8×116.9×6.4 -35~85TTL
5.8CA058IWV01HS800 x 320600155.2×64.46×4 -30~70RGB 24bit Optional
8CDT-080-JY-SD3 V.1 800 x 600 550183x141x6.3DigitalRTP CTP
5.7CE057ZVUDDN-01640 x 480900127 x 98.43 x 7 -20~70TTL
7.84CB0784BZK400 x 128045067.6×205.78LVDS
5.7CE057ZQUDDN-04320 x 240400144X 104X12.7 -20~70TTLOptional
7.84CB0784AZL-T400 x 128042576.9×265.28LVDSCTP
5.7CF057A01320 x 240320137.6×103.38×9.5-30 ~85 RGB
7.84CB0784AZL400 x 128085070.6×203.48LVDSOptional
5.7CD640057A640 x 480400144×104.6×12.3 -20~70RGB
7.2CA072TWX02EG1280 x 3701000186.18×67.35×5.8 -20~70RGB 18bitOptional
5.7CD320057B320 x 240400144×104.6×12.3 -20~70RGB
7CF070CBOT-03800 x 480960164.9x100x3.5-20 ~70 TTLRTP CTP
5.7CB0570JDG-T640 x 480340142.75×113.95RGBCTP
7CG10040-021024 x 600400175.25×110.45×5.9-20 ~ 6024-Bit RGBCTP
5.7CB0570GMG640 x 480400144×104.6TTL
7CE070MADDLT-141024 x 600850 177 X 125.8 X 9 -20~70LVDSCTP USB
5.7CB0570FDG-T320 x 240320144×104.618bit RGBRTP
7CE070MADDLV-101024 x 6001000165.75 X 105.39 X 5 -20~70LVDSOptional
5.7CB0570FDG320 x 240400144×104.618bit RGBOptional
7CF070WVIN-E01P800 x 480450164.9x100x5.7-20 ~70 TTL
5.7CB0570CDG-T-1320 x 240640127×98.4318bit RGBRTP
7CF700MZWH-01800 x 480350164.9x100x5.7-20 ~70 TTL
5.7CB0570CDG-1320 x 240800127×98.4318bit RGBOptional
10.1CK101NWWB-R61280 x 800 350219.96 x 139.6LVDSOptional
7CF070CBOT-01P800 x 480280164.9x100x3.5-20 ~70 TTLRTP CTP
5.7CB0570CDG-T320 x 240200127×98.4318bit RGBRTP
10.1CB1010PZK1024 x 600500235.0 x 143.0 x 4.5LVDSOptional
7CF070CBOT-02W800 x 480480164.9x100x3.5-20 ~70 TTLRTP CTP
5.7CB0570CDG320 x 240250127×98.4318bit RGBOptional
10.1CK101GWT9 R31024 x 600640244 x 143 x 12.9 -30~85LVDSOptional
7CE070MADDLV-001024 x 6001000165.5 X 104.4 X 7.05 -20~70LVDSOptional
5.7CB0570BDG-T-2640 x 480450127×98.4318bit RGBCTP
10.1CK101AWT9 R21024 x 600350235 x 143 x 8.04 -20~70LVDSOptional
7CE070KGDDLL-01800 x 4801000165 X 106.4 X 8 -20~70LVDSOptional
5.7CB0570BDG-T-1640 x 480400127×98.4318bit RGBRTP
10.1CK101GWT9 R41024 x 600350235. 0 x 143.0 x 5.2 0~50 LVDSOptional
7CE070KGDDDL-01800 x 4801000165 x 106.4 x 6.9 -20~70TTLOptional
5.7CB0570BDG-3640 x 480900127×98.4318bit RGBOptional
10.1CK101GWN9 R21024 x 600350235 x 143 x 7.54 -20~70LVDSOptional
7CE070PGDDLT-H1800 x 480800165 x 100 x 11.34 -20~70LVDS4W RTP
5.7CB0570BDG640 x 480500127×98.4318bit RGBOptional
10.1CK101GWN9 R01024 x 600500244.0 x 143.0 x 12.4 -30~85LVDSOptional
7CE070PGDDLT-H0800 x 480800175.88 x 112.52 x 12 -20~70LVDSCTP : I2C
5.7CB0570ADG640 x 480400127×98.4318bit RGBOptional
10.1CK101NWWB R71280 x 800229.46 x 149.1 x 2.8 -20~70LVDSOptional
7CE070PGDDLV-H0800 x 4801000165 x 100 x 9.8 -20~70LVDS
5.6CD640056B640 x 480350126.5×100×5.7 -20~70RGB
10.1CK101NWWB R31280 x 800350229.46 x 149.1 x 2.8 -20~70LVDSOptional
7CE070BGDDLT-H0800 x 480800175.88 x 112.52 x 12 -20~70LVDSCTP : I2C
5.6CD640056A640 x 480200126.5×100×5.7 -20~70RGB
10.1CK101NWT4 R01024 x 600230.52 x 134.3 x 1.43 0~50 LVDSOptional
7CE070BGDDLV-H0800 x 4801000165 x 100 x 9.9 -20~70LVDS
5.6CB0560AIG-3640 x 480800126.5X10018bit RGB
10.1CE101CBWDLV-021280 x 800500229.46 x 149.1 x 4.8-20 ~ 70 LVDSOptional
7CE070AGUDLT-00800 x 480600187.6 X 126.64 X 9.53 -20~70LVDS4W RTP
5.6CB0560AIG640 x 480350126.5X1018bit RGB
10.1CE101BBWDLT-001280 x 800280 229.5 X 149.1 X 5.08-20 ~ 70 LVDSCTP I2C
7CE070NGDDDT-00800 x 480250165 X 106.4 X 5.65 -20~70TTL4W RTP
5.5CB0550AZOM-T-31080 x 192030074.48 x 137.02 x 1.9MIPIOptional
10.1CE101ZBWDLV-031280 x 800350229.5 X 149.1 X 4.56-20 ~ 70 LVDSOptional
7CE070NGDDDN-00800 x 480300165 X 106.4 X 5.65 -20~70TTL
5.46CB0550CZM-T1080 x 192034074.9×151.9MIPICTP
10.1CE101CAWDLT-021024 x 600400263.1 X 166.7 X 14.3-20 ~ 70 LVDS CTP I2C
7CE070GGDDLT-00800 x 480400165 X 106.4 X 7.85 -20~70LVDS4W RTP
5.46CB0550CZM1080 x 192040070.54×128.86MIPIOptional
10.1CE101CAWDLT-011024 x 600400263.1 X 166.7 X 14.3-20 ~ 70 LVDSCTP USB
7CE070GGDDLV-00800 x 480500165 X 106.4 X 7.85 -20~70LVDS
5CF500MZNI-01480 x 272290120.7×75.8×3.1-20 ~70 RGB
10.1CE101CAWDLT-001024 x 600330244 X 143 X 13.8-20 ~ 70 LVDS4W RTP
7CE070CGDDDT-03800 x 480400165 X 106.4 X 5.65 -20~70TTL4W RTP
5CF50WV05AR800 x 480500120.7×75.8×4.1 -20 ~70 RGB RTP CTP
10.1CE101ZAWDLV-001024 x 600500244 X 143 X 12.4 -20 ~ 70 LVDSOptional
7CE070GGDDDV-00800 x 480500165 X 106.4 X 5.65 -20~70TTL
5CG10025-01800 x 480500120.7×75.9×2.85 -20~7024-Bit RGB
10.1CG10024-011024 x 600500230.52×134.3×4.20 ~ 50LVDS
7CE070PGDDLT-03800 x 480350168.9 X 104 X 11.51 -20~70LVDSCTP: i2C
5CF50WV03AN800 x 480950120.7×75.8×4.1-20 ~70 RGB RTP CTP
10.1CG10023-011280 x 800300229.46×149.1×2.650 ~ 50LVDS
7CE070PGDDLT-02800 x 480280164.9 X 100 X 10.6 -20~70LVDS5W RTP
5CE050EGUDDN-01800 x 400400120.7 X 76.3 X 3.25 -20~70TTL
10.1CF101T-HBD-50A1024 x 600150235x143x4.9-20 ~ 70 TTL
7CE070PGDDLT-01800 x 480280164.9 X 100 X 10.7 -20~70LVDS4W RTP
5CE050ZGDDDN-01800 x 400350120.7 X 76.3 X 3.1 -20~70TTLOptional
10.1CE101CBWDLV-011280 x 8001000229.46 x 149.1 x 4.8-20 ~ 70 LVDSOptional
7CE070PGDDLV-00800 x 480400164.9 X 100mX 8.7 -20~70LVDS
5CD800050G-RTP800×480400120.7×75.8×4.2 -20~70RGBRTP
10.1CE101DAWDLV-H01024 x 6001000224 x 143 x 12.4-20 ~ 70 LVDSOptional
7CE070PGDDDT-00800 x 480320164.9 X 100 X 8.7 -20~70TTL4W RTP
5CD800050G800 x 480500120.7×75.8×3.1 -20~70RGB
10.1CE101CBWDLV-021280 x 800500229.46 x 149.1 x 4.8-20 ~ 70 LVDSOptional
7CE070PGDDDV-00800 x 480400164.9 X 100 X 8.7 -20~70TTL
5CD800050B800 x 480900120.7×76.3×3.1 -20~70RGB
10.1CE101BBWDLT-001280 x 800280 229.5 X 149.1 X 5.08-20 ~ 70 LVDSCTP I2C
7CD800070CPA-CTP-55800 x 480164.9×100×6.93 -20~70RGBCTP
5CC050WVNN0202800 x 480400120.7×75.8×2.9 -20~70RGB
10.1CE101ZBWDLV-031280 x 800350229.5 X 149.1 X 4.56-20 ~ 70 LVDSOptional
7CD800070CPA-CTP-35800×480350164.9×100×6.93 -20~70RGBCTP
5CC050WVNN0201800 x480400120.7×75.8×2.9 -20~70RGB
10.1CE101CAWDLT-021024 x 600400263.1 X 166.7 X 14.3-20 ~ 70 LVDS CTP I2C
7CD800070CP800 x 480164.9×100×5.7 -20~70RGB
5CC050WQRN0201480 x 272500120.7×75.8×3.1 -20~70RGBRTP
10.1CE101CAWDLT-011024 x 600400263.1 X 166.7 X 14.3-20 ~ 70 LVDSCTP USB
7CD800070DP-RTP800 x 480170164.9×100×7.1 -20~70RGBRTP
5CC050WQNN0201480 x 272500120.7×75.8×3.1 -20~70RGB
10.1CE101CAWDLT-001024 x 600330244 X 143 X 13.8-20 ~ 70 LVDS4W RTP
7CD800070DP-65800 x 480650164.9×100×5.7 -20~70RGB
5CB0500MIM-T720 x 128030074.3×141.8×3.27MIPICTP
10.1CE101ZAWDLV-001024 x 600500244 X 143 X 12.4 -20 ~ 70 LVDSOptional
7CD800070DP-45800 x 480450164.9×100×5.7 -20~70RGB
5CB0500MIM720 x 128035065.3x 118.8MIPIOptional
10.1CD128010A1280 x 800350229.46×149.1×2.5-20 ~ 70 LVDS
7CD800070DP-25800 x 480250164.9×100×5.7 -20~70RGB
5CB0500JDR800 x 4801000118.4×77.45RGB
10.1CD1024101A-CTP1024 x 600230235×143×6.5-20 ~ 70 RGBCTP
7CC070WVNN1002800 x 480400163.2×105.14×3.39 -20~70RGB
5CB0500IZG-T-5480 x 272340121.1×76.2RGBCTP
10.1CC101WSNN01011024 x 600250235x143x4.7-20 ~ 70 LVDS
7CC070WSNN02011024 x 600300164.9x100xx3.5 -20~70LVDS
5CB0500IZG-T-2480 x 272320120.7×75.8RGBRTP
10.1CB1010CZK1280 x 800350229.46×149.1LVDS
7CK070SWP1 R4 800 x 480500165.0 x 104.0 x 5.0mm -20~70TTLOptional
5CB0500IZG-5480 x 272400120.7×75.8RGBOptional
10.1CB1010PZK-11024 x 600500235×143LVDS
7CC070WVNN0901800 x 480300164.9x100xx3.5 -20~70RGB
5CB0500HZG-T-8800 x 480640120.7×75.824bit RGBRTP
10.1CB1010AFM39LT-R-11024 x 600300235×143LVDSRTP
7CC070WVTC0102800 x 480250166.6 x 106.4 x 5.7 -20~70RGB (TTL)CTP
5CB0500HZG-T-10800 x 480690121.1×76.224bit RGB
10.1CB1010AFM39LT-11024 x 600350235X143LVDS
7CC070WVTC0110800 x 4801000166.6×106.4×14.3 -20~70RGBCTP
5CB0500HZG-8800 x 480800120.7×75.824bit RGBOptional
10.1CB1010GIG-T-11280 x 800420254.96×172.6DigitalCTP
7CC070WVTC0105800 x 480400166.6×106.4×14.3 -20~70RGBCTP
5CB0500HZG-T-6800 x 480480120.7×75.824bit RGBRTP
10.1CB1010GIG1280 x 800500229.46×149.1DigitalOptional
7CB0700MIG800 x 480300165×104RGB
5CB0500HZG-6800 x 480600120.7×75.824bit RGBOptional
10.1CB1010DZL-11280 x 800400229.34×148.98LVDSOptional
7CB0700BWM27RT-R-2800 x 480400164.9×100RGBRTP
5CB0500EZG-T-6800 x 480270120.7×76.49 24bit RGBCTP
10.1CB1010LZG-T-11024 x 600340235×143LVDSCTP
7CB0700BWM27RT-R-2800 x 480400164.9×100RGBRTP
5CB0500EZG-T-4800 x 480240120.7×75.8RGBRTP
10.1CB1010LZG-T1024 x 600300235×143LVDSRTP
7CB0700BWM27RT-2800 x 480500164.9×100RGB
5CB0500EZG-4800 x 480300120.7×75.824bit RGB
10.1CB1010LZG1024 x 600380235×143LVDSOptional
7CB0700EZQ-T-10800 x 480320165×100RGBRTP
5CB0500AIG-2640 x 480400117.65×88.43Digital
10.1CB1010EZG-11024 x 600380235×143LVDSOptional
7CB0700EZQ-10800 x 480400164.9×100RGB
5CB0500AIG-1640 x 480250117.65×88.43Digital
10.1CB1010EZG1024 x 600380235×143RGBOptional
7CB0700YZL-T-11024 x 600210164.9×100LVDSCTP
5CA050AWX01NN800 x 1280Optional
10.1CB1010AZG-T-11024 x 600800235×149.52LVDSRTP
7CB0700YZL-T1024 x 600200164.9×100LVDSRTP
5CA050AHD02NN720 x 1280Optional
10.1CB1010AZG-11024 x 6001000235×149.52LVDSOptional
7CB0700YZL1024 x 600250164.9×100LVDSOptional
5CA050V01H480 x 640600117.65×88.43×5.7 -20~70Optional
10.1CB1010DZL-11280 x 800350229.46 x 149.10 x 2.50LVDSOptional
7CB0700XZG-31024 x 600500164.9×100LVDSOptional
5CA050QWV49NS-DC05800 x 480350120.7x76x4.3 -20~70RGB 24bitOptional
10.1CA101QWX17HS-I061280 x 800Optional
7CB0700XZG-T-121024 x 600210164.9×100LVDSCTP
5CA050QWV49NS-DR09800 x 480350120.7x76x4.3 -20~70RGB 24bitOptional
10.1CA101AWX16NP1280 x 8006500 ~ 50 LVDSOptional
7CB0700XZG-T-81024 x 600200164.9×100LVDSRTP
5CA050QWV49NS800 x 480350120.7x76x4.3 -20~70RGB 24bitOptional
7CB0700XZG-11024 x 600250164.9×100LVDSOptional
5CA050QWQ06H-DC22480 x 272Optional
10.1CA101AWX12HP 1280 x 8006500 ~ 50 LVDSOptional
7CB0700JMG-61024 x 600500165.8×105.5LVDSOptional
5CA050WQ06H-CT5480 x 272500120.7×75.8×3.1 -20~70RGB 24bitOptional
10.1CA101BWS14HG1024 x 600LVDSOptional
7CB0700AZG-T-11024 x 600340164.9×10024bit RGBRTP
5CA050QWQ06NS-CT6480 x 272300120.7×75.8×3.1 -20~70RGB 24bitOptional
10.1CA101BWS07NG-DC16-T031024 x 600180235x143x5.1-20~70RGB/TTLOptional
7CB0700AZG-T1024 x 600300164.9×10024bit RGBRTP
5CA050QWQ06NSWQVGA 300120.7×75.8×3.1 -20~70RGB 24bitOptional
10.1CJ101PUW1-A001920 x 1200380228.6×148.15×2.250 ~ 50 MIPI
7CB0700AZG1024 x 600380164.9×10024bit RGBOptional
5 CDT-050-JY-VL1640 x 480600119.6×91.7×9.7 LVDSRTP/CTP
10.1CA101BWS07NG1024 x 600180235x143x5.1-20~70RGB/TTLOptional
7CB0700JIK1024 x 600500165.75×105.39LVDSOptional
10.1CB1010PZK1024 x 600500235.0 x 143.0 x 4.5LVDSOptional
7CB0700JBG-T-121024 x 600210165.08×100.19LVDSCTP
10.1CJ101PWW1-H001280 x 800300229.46×149.2×2.80 ~ 50 LVDS
7CB0700JBG-T1024 x 600400164.9×100LVDSRTP
10CJ100IFW1-A001024 x 600500235×145.8×5.50 ~ 50 LVDS
7CB070JBG-11024 x 600700164.8×99.8LVDSOptional
9.7CD102497A1024 × 768220210.2×166.2×3.66-20 ~ 70 RGB
7CB0700JBG1024 x 600250164.9×100LVDSOptional
9.4CA094IWS01NG 1024 x 400350235x100x5.26 -30~85Optional
7CB0700UZG-T800 x 480200164.9×100MCURTP
9CB0900GZK1024 x 600450211.1 x 126.5 x 5.7LVDS
7CB0700UZG800 x 480250164.9×100MCUOptional
9CE090AGDDLT-00800 x 480400211.1 X 126.5 X 12-20 ~ 70 LVDS4W RTP
7CB0700O2ZR-T-8800 x 480690164.9×10024bit RGBCTP
9CE090AGDDLV-00800 x 480500211.1 X 126.5 X 10-20 ~ 70 LVDSOptional
7CB0700OZR-T800 x 480390165×10024bit RGBRTP
9CB0900AIG800 x 480250211.1×126.5RGB
7CB0700OZR-3800 x 480500165×10024bit RGBOptional
9CB0900DIG800 x 480200207.4×126.4DigitalOptional
7CB0700MIG-T-5800 x 480250166.8×105.24TTLCTP
9CJ090IDW1-C00800 x 480500210.7×126.4×5.3-20 ~ 70 TTL
7CB0700MIG800 x 480300165×104TTLOptional
9CA090AWX01HS 1280 x 240600237×58.95×4 -30~85LVDS
7CB0700FDG-T-8800 x 480630164.9×100LVDSCTP
9CK090SWP1 R0 800 x 480 300211.1 x 128.4 x 6.6mm -20~70TTLOptional
7CB0700FDG-T-7800 x 480560164.9×100LVDSRTP
8.8CA088HWU03HP1920 x 4801000-20 ~ 70 MIPIOptional
7CB0700FDG-7800 x 480700164.9×100LVDSOptional
8.4CE084ISUDLV-03800 x 6001000199.5 X 149 X 9.75-20 ~ 70 LVDSOptional
7CB0700F2DG-T-6800 x 480250164.9×100LVDSCTP
8.4CJ084ISN1-A01800 x 600380189.75 x 149.4 x 5-20 ~ 70 TTL
7CB0700FDG-T-2800 x 480200164.9×100LVDSRTP
8.4CE084ISWDLT-02800 x 600450199.5 X 149 X 11.4-20 ~ 70 LVDS4W RTP
7CB0700FDG-2800 x 480280164.9×100LVDSOptional
8.4CE084ISWDLT-01800 x 600450199.5 X 149 X 11.4-20 ~ 70 LVDS4W RTP
7CB0700EZG-T-7800 x 480640165×100Digital RGBRTP
8.4CE084ISWDLT-00800 x 600500199.5 X 149 X 11.75-20 ~ 70 LVDSCTP:USB
7CB0700EZG-7800 x 480800165×100Digital RGBOptional
8.4CE084ISWDLV-00800 x 600600199.5 X 149 X 9.75-20 ~ 70 LVDS
7CB0700EZG-T-2800 x 480320164.9×100Digital RGBRTP
8.4CE084ISUDLV-02800 x 600600199.5 X 149 X 9.75-20 ~ 70 LVDS
7CB0700EZG-2800 x 480400164.9×100Digital RGBOptional
8.4CE084ISUDLV-00800 x 600600199.5 X 149 X 9.75-20 ~ 70 LVDS
7CB0700E2ZG-T-4800 x 480300166.58×112.5Digital RGBCTP
8.4CE084DSUDLT-00800 x 600320203 X 145.9 X 7.24-20 ~ 70 LVDS4W RTP
7CB0700EZG-T800 x 480200164.9×100Digital RGBRTP
8.4CE084DSUDLV-00800 x 600400203 X 145.9 X 5.7-20 ~ 70 LVDSOptional
7CB0700EZG-1800 x 480250164.9×100Digital RGBOptional
8.4CD800084B800 x 600250203×142.5×5.7-20 ~ 70 LVDS
7CA070BWX02NN-FC31800 x 1280MipiOptional
8.4CB0840AAL-T-3800 x 600280203.x142.5LVDSRTP
7CA070BWX02NN800 x 128035099.85×161.7×2.4 -10~60MipiOptional
8.4CB0840AAG-3800 x 600350203×142.5LVDSOptional
7CA070WS12H-O-CT211024 x 600500164.8×99.8×2.7 -20~70RGB 24bit Optional
8.4CA084HSV03NG800 x 600Optional
7CA070SWS08HT-DC191024 x 600450165.25×104.89×2.8 -10~50LVDSOptional
8.4CK084GNS1 R1 800 x 600 350203 x 142.5 x 5.7mm -20~70LVDSOptional
7CA070SWS08HT1024 x 600450165.25×104.89×2.8 -10~50LVDSOptional
8.01CB0801PZL1600 x 480500208×73LVDS
7CA070SWV95HG-DR04-T01800 x 480Optional

TFT Displays 10.2″ to 21.5″

SizePart NumberResolutionBrightness (cd)Dimensions (mm)Op. Temp. (℃ )InterfaceTouch
12.3CA123AWU01ES-DC041920 x 7201000308.1 x 134.86 x 7.3 -30~852 port LVDSOptional
12.3CA123AWU01ES1920 x 7201000308.1 x 134.86 x 7.3 -30~852 port LVDSOptional
12.1CE121ABWDLV-H01280 x 8001000278 x 184 x 10-20~70LVDSOptional
12.1CE121ABWDLT-031280 x 800340291 x 202.16 x 12.7-20~70LVDSCTP USB
12.1 CE121ZBWDLV-001280 x 800400278 X 184 X 10-20~70LVDSOptional
12.1 CE121ZXWDLL-001024 x 768330279 X 209 X 9-20~70LVDSOptional
12.1CE121ZSDDLN-00800 x 600450276 X 209 X 9.1-20~70LVDSOptional
12.1CD800121A800 x 600250279×209×90~65LVDS
12.1CC121XGNN01021024 x 768500279 x 209 x 9-20~70LVDS
12.1CC121XGNN01011024 x 768350279 x 209 x 9-20~70LVDS
12.1CE121AXWDLV-H01024 x 7681000279 x 209 x 10.2-20~70LVDSOptional
12.1CB1210HIG800 x 600450260.5×204LVDS
12.1CB1210EIG1024 x 768600260.5×204LVDS
12.1CB1210FIG1280 x 800400278×184LVDS
12.1CB1210BBG-T-1800 x 600380290×220.5LVDSCTP
12.1CB1210BBG-T800 x 600340290×220LVDSRTP
12.1CB1210BBG-2800 x 6001000279×209LVDSOptional
12.1CB1210BBG800 x 600400279×209LVDSOptional
12.1CB1210AIG1024 x 768500249×187.5LVDS
12.1CA121TXG01NS1024 x 768TBDOptional
12.1CK121GNX2-R1 1024 x 768350 279.0 x 209.0 x 9.0mm -20~70 LVDSOptional
11.6CK116NWR7-R1 1366 x 768300 eDP Optional
11.6CK116NWN4 R1 1366 x 768220 eDP Optional
11.6CK116NWN5-R0 1366 x 768300 eDP Optional
11.6CK116NWR6-R1/R3 1366 x 768250 eDP Optional
11.6CK116NWR6-R0 1366 x 768220 eDP Optional
11.6CK116NWR1-R7/R8 1366 x 768220eDP Optional
10.4CB1040KZL1024 x 768420238.6×175.8LVDS
10.4CB1040BDM24LT-1800 x 600350236×176.9LVDS
10.4CB1040HIG640 x 480500225.5×176.3TTL
10.4CB1040FIG-T800 x 600200228.4×175.4RGBRTP
10.4CB1040FIG800 x 600250228.4×175.4RGB
10.4CC104XGNN01011024 x 768500225.5*176.3*8.7-30~70 LVDS
10.4CC104SVNN0201800 x 600250228.4*175.4*5.9-10~50 RGB(TTL)
10.4CE104JXWDLV-H01024 x 7681000238.6 x 175.8 x 13.2-20~70LVDSOptional
10.4CE104EXWDLV-H11024 x 7681000225.5 X 176.3 X 8.7-20~70LVDSOptional
10.4CE104BSWDLV-H1800 x 6001000243 X 184 X 10.55-20~70LVDSOptional
10.4CE104ASDDLV-02800 x 600330264.4X 175.4X 6.285-20~70LVDSOptional
10.4CE104ZXWDLV-021024 x 768500225.5 X 176.3 X 8.7-20~70LVDSOptional
10.4CE104ZSWDLN-00800 x 600400243 x 184.0 x 7-20~70LVDSOptional
10.4CD800104A800 x 600450236×176.9×5.6-20~70LVDS
10.4CK104GNX1-R1 1024 x 768350 236 x 176.9 x 6.3mm -20~70 LVDSOptional
10.2CB1020AIG800 x 480250235×145.818bit RGB
27CK270MWK3-R1 2560 x 1440350LVDS
22CA220ZGE-L201680 x 1050250493.7*300*11LVDS
21.5CE215ZFWDBL-001920 x 10801400495.6 X 292.2 X 10.7-20~70LVDSOptional
21.5CE215BFWDLV-001920 x 1080400495.6 X 292.2 X 10.6-20~70LVDSOptional
19CK270MWK2-R0 2560 x 1440TBDLVDS
19CK190MWW4-R2 1440 x 900250 TBD TBD
19CK270MWN1-R0 1920 x 1080TBDLVDS
19CK190MWW4-R2 1440 x 900TBDLVDS
19CJ190MEN6-AXX1280 x 1024250396x324x9.90~50LVDS
18.5CE185ZOWDLN-001366 x 7681000430. X 254.6 X 16.4-20~70LVDSOptional
18.5CB1850ABG1366 x 768250430.4×254.6LVDS
15.6CB1560CZE1920 x 1080220359.5x 223.82 lane eDP
15.6CE156CBWDLT-001366 x 768240386.81 X 237.12 X 19.63-20~70LVDSCTP USB
15.6CB1560CZL1920 x 1080200359.50 x 223.80 x 3.20LVDSOptional
15CB1500AIL1024 x 768300326.5 x 253.5LVDSOptional
15CE150AXWDLV-H01024 x 7681000326.5 X 253.5 X 17.76-20~70LVDSOptional
15CE150CXDDLV-H11024 x 7681000326.5 X 253.5 X 15.66-20~70LVDSOptional
15 CE150AXWDLV-001024 x 768300326.5 X 235.5 X 11.8-20~70LVDSOptional
15CE150ZXUDLV-001024 x 768500326.5 X 235.5 X 12-20~70LVDSOptional
15CD102415D1024 x 768TBD326.5×253.5×11.8LVDS
15CB1500AML-81024 x 768450326.5×253.5LVDS
15CB1500ABG-T1024 x 768250346.08 x 270.03LVDSCTP
15CB1500ABG1024 x 768300326.5 x 253.5 LVDSOptional
15CB1500AMG-11024 x 768250326.5 x 253.5 LVDSOptional
15CK150GNN2-R3 1024 x 768420326.50 x 253.50 x12.00mm LVDS
15CK150GNN2-R2 1024 x 768420326. x 253.5 x 12.0mm LVDS
15CK150GNN2-R1 1024 x 768420326.50 x 253.50 x 12.50mm LVDS
15CK150GNN2-R0 1024 x 768500326.5 x 253.5 x12mmLVDS
14CB1400AIL1366 x 768200320.4 x 205.1LVDS
14CK140NWF5-R4 TBD300eDP
14CK140NWF5-R3 TBD 250eDP
14CK140NWF5-R0 1920 x 1080250eDP
14CK140NWR6-R0/R1 1366 x 768220eDP
14CK140NWR4- R1/R2 1366 x 768220eDP
13.3CK133NWF4-R1 1920 x 1080300eDP
13.3CK133NWF4-R0 1920 x 1080300eDP
13.3CK133NWN1-R5 1366 x 768250eDP
13.3CK133NWN1-R3/R4 1366 x 768200eDP
13.3CB1330AZE1920 x 1080250305.2×178.1eDP
12.5CK125NWF4-R0 1920 x 1080300eDP
12.5CK125NWN1-R1 1366 x 768220eDP
12.5CK125NWR3-R0 1366 x 768300eDP
12.5CK125NWN1-R0 1366 x 768200eDP


Product Options & Benefits

We offer industrial-grade Small Format TFT LCDs with optional touch, known for wide viewing angles and cost competitiveness. These displays are popular for integration in projects like ticket vending machines (TVMs). Our high-tech partner factories specialize in designing and producing liquid crystal display panels and modules, providing customized services for R&D, sales, and after-sales support. The state-of-the-art facility produces High-Resolution TFT glass panel cells using various technologies for LCD panels. Beijing DWIN Technology, in collaboration with CDTech, brings cutting-edge TFT LCD products to the European market, offering a diverse range, including vibrant color TFTs, high-performance IPS TFTs, and sunlight-readable TFTs. This partnership aims to deliver top-notch display solutions for various industries.

small tft

Our Small Format TFT LCDs offer unique products, including 2.4″ transflective, 2.8″ to 12.3″ automotive displays, and 5″ wide-viewing IPS panels. Features include an ultra-wide temperature range (-30 to +85 degrees Celsius), conversion options (edp to LVDS, LVDS to HDMI), and touchscreen overlay cover glass. Major benefits encompass ex-stock items for rapid prototyping, long-term supply to avoid EOL issues, excellent quality control, and ISO 9001 certification. Our displays come with various options such as touchscreen components, overlays, industrial touch screens, PCAP touch screens, TFT display interfaces, and more. Additional choices include LCD drivers, automotive displays, high-resolution screens, capacitive touchscreens, letterbox displays, controller boards, and a comprehensive range of TFT-LCD digital displays.

Explore our extensive range of LCD TFT displays for a complete overview of our offerings

Our Small Format TFT LCDs include various options such as touchscreen displays, IPS displays, monochrome displays, embedded components, and industrial-grade displays. They cover a wide range of features, including sunlight readability, touchscreen overlays, and low power consumption. Custom options like square LCD screens, high-brightness displays, and TFT modules are also available.

CDS provides a comprehensive selection, including displays from manufacturers like Raystar, Kingtech LCD, and OLED modules. Our offerings extend to AMOLED, circular displays, large format displays, PCT touchscreens, and controller boards. We also offer accessories such as TFT adaptor boards, USB touch kits, and HDMI to MiPi DSI boards.

Whether you need bar type LCDs or assistance comparing interfaces like mipi dsi vs. lvds, CDS has you covered. Additionally, we explain technologies like IPS monitors and OLED vs. LCD displays. Our TFT panel driver boards support VGA, DVI, and video input cards for various TFT panels.

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