Transparent Display Solutions

CDS Transparent Displays and Showcases is he widest range of transparent / Translucent Displays available with some unique offerings including the World’s largest 98” (86” and 75” also available) Transparent LCDs but also small 10” solutions for smaller applications or for testing and approvals.  The LCD kits include 1 Transparent Display panel with supporting frame + Interface card with USB and HDMI inputs + power supply for the ideal solutions for design and installation.  This is effectively a plug and go kit with the client only needing to add backlighting, housing and content. But also as a part of the service CDS also offers some excellent Free Of Charge content worth thousands of Dollars so the customer does not even have to worry about that in the initial design stage.  As you can see on this page we have a number of translucent component displays.

But if you want a finished solution CDS’s excellent ClearVue Transparent Showcases (Transparent LCD Display Cases with touchscreen options) are ideal and will help you demonstrate your products in a dynamic and innovative way that will amaze your visitors and create that WOW factor as soon as they enter your store or business  Interactive Transparent LCD showcases are available in all sizes.  But in large format for larger designs ideally viewed from some metres away the CDS Translucent LED range can be an excellent option, and ideal for large screen store windows etc.  The final option in the CDS range is the Translucent Refrigerators / coolers which give retail, museum and exhibition booths that WOW factor they need.  Check out the Transparent refrigerators.

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