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Introducing Our LCD Transparent Showcases

CDS Clearvue Transparent Showcases (Transparent LCD Display Cases with touchscreen options utilising transparent LCD screens) help you demonstrate your products in a dynamic and innovative way that will amaze your visitors and create that WOW factor as soon as they enter your store or business!  Interactive Transparent LCD showcases also available in all sizes.

Transparent showcases offer numerous benefits across various settings. Firstly, their transparency provides maximum visibility, allowing customers to easily see the displayed items without obstruction. This enhances the overall presentation, particularly for retail environments showcasing high-end or visually appealing products where aesthetics play a crucial role. Furthermore, the transparency can contribute to security by acting as a deterrent to theft, as potential thieves are aware of being easily observed, and it allows for better monitoring in environments with security cameras.

Moreover, transparent showcases facilitate customer engagement by enabling them to see the products up close, encouraging interaction and exploration. This can lead to increased interest and potentially higher sales. Additionally, these showcases offer versatility in customization, allowing businesses to adapt them to different themes or styles and incorporate elements like lighting for added visual appeal. Their durability and ease of maintenance, often constructed from materials like acrylic or tempered glass, ensure longevity and sustained attractiveness over time. Ultimately, transparent showcases not only improve the presentation and security of displayed items but also contribute to a positive brand image, conveying transparency, openness, and trustworthiness to customers.

What is a Transparent Display?

A transparent display is a type of display technology that allows viewers to see through the display while still being able to view digital content overlaid on top of the real-world background. This technology enables the display to be partially or fully transparent, depending on its design and implementation.

Key Features

  • Transparency: The most obvious feature is the transparency of the display, allowing viewers to see through the screen to objects or spaces behind it. This feature enables creative applications in retail, advertising, museum displays, and more.

  • High Definition Display: Transparent LCD showcases typically offer high-definition resolution, providing crisp and clear images or videos for effective communication and advertising.

  • Versatility: These showcases are versatile and can be used in various settings such as storefronts, trade shows, museums, airports, and corporate offices. They can be integrated into various environments without obstructing the view.

  • Interactive Capabilities: Some transparent LCD showcases are equipped with touch-sensitive capabilities, allowing users to interact directly with the content displayed. This feature can enhance user engagement and provide a more immersive experience.

  • Customizable Design: Transparent LCD showcases can be customized in terms of size, shape, and content to fit specific needs and requirements. This flexibility makes them suitable for a wide range of applications and settings.

  • Energy Efficiency: Many transparent LCD displays are designed to be energy-efficient, consuming less power compared to traditional displays. This feature is beneficial for reducing operational costs and environmental impact.

  • Attention-Grabbing: The unique visual appeal of transparent LCD showcases makes them attention-grabbing and memorable for viewers. They can be used to showcase products, promotions, or artistic content in an innovative way.

  • Integration with Other Technologies: Transparent LCD displays can be integrated with other technologies such as augmented reality (AR) or sensors to create more interactive and engaging experiences for users.

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Enhanced Visual Impact

The combination of high resolution and transparency creates a visually striking effect that grabs the attention of passers by. Whether used in retail environments, museums, or corporate settings, the stunning visuals of Full HD transparent showcases leave a lasting impression on viewers.

temperature cooling

We offer transparent showcases that can optionally feature airflow fans, aiding in temperature regulation to prevent overheating of the unit. We have incorporated an airflow management system without compromising the transparency or aesthetics of the showcase.

transparent showcase fans
touch transparent

Touchscreen Options Available

At CDS, we provide an extensive selection of solutions tailored to your needs. Enhance your transparent showcase with our PCAP touchscreen overlays, seamlessly integrated for intuitive interaction. Additionally, we offer in-frame PCAP touch options, ensuring versatility and compatibility with your showcase requirements.

High Quality LED Lighting

Utilizing LED strips within transparent showcases serves both practical and aesthetic functions, elevating the visibility and allure of showcased items. Our LED strip lights are readily available and can be seamlessly incorporated into Transparent LCD component kits of any size, ensuring a captivating display experience.

LED strips

Landscape & Portrait options available

Discover the versatility of our LCD transparent showcases, available in both landscape and portrait orientations to suit your display preferences. Whether you’re showcasing products, advertisements, or artistic content, our range offers flexibility and adaptability to elevate your visual presentation. Explore our diverse selection and find the perfect solution to meet your unique needs.

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Product Range

CDS Clearvue Transparent showcases and Hypeboxes are currently available in the sizes shown in the table below.  These are finished products, ready to use out of the box and perfect for counter top advertising, and can include interactive touchscreens.

Part NumberDescriptionLCD Size (Diagonal)ResolutionInterface
CV121LV112″ Lite ClearVue, Landscape as standard12.1″800 x 600HDMI
CV150LV115″ Lite ClearVue, Landscape as standard15″1024 x 768HDMI
CV190LV119″ Lite ClearVue, Landscape as standard19″1280 x 1024HDMI
CV215LV121.5″ Lite ClearVue, Landscape as standard21.5″1920 x 1080HDMI
CV230LV123″ Lite ClearVue, Landscape as standard23″1920 x 1080HDMI
CV320LV132″ Lite ClearVue, Landscape as standard32″1920 x 1080HDMI
CV430LV143″ Lite ClearVue, Landscape as standard43″1920 x 1080HDMI


  • Retail Displays: Transparent showcases are popular in retail environments for showcasing products such as jewelry, watches, electronics, or high-end merchandise. They allow customers to see the products while providing additional information or promotional content on the display.

  • Museum Exhibits: Museums often use transparent showcases to display artifacts, historical items, or artworks while providing context or interactive elements on the display. This enhances the visitor experience by offering a combination of visual appeal and educational content.

  • Trade Shows and Exhibitions: Transparent showcases are utilized in trade shows and exhibitions to showcase products, prototypes, or demonstrations while engaging visitors with multimedia content or interactive displays.

  • Corporate Presentations: In corporate settings, transparent showcases can be used for presentations, product launches, or showcasing prototypes during meetings or conferences. They provide a modern and visually appealing way to present information to clients, partners, or stakeholders.

  • Advertising and Marketing: Transparent showcases are effective for advertising and marketing purposes, particularly in high-traffic areas such as airports, malls, or transportation hubs. They can display dynamic advertisements, promotional videos, or interactive campaigns while maintaining visibility of the surrounding environment.

  • Hospitality and Entertainment: In hotels, restaurants, bars, or entertainment venues, transparent showcases can be used to display menus, promotions, or event schedules while adding a modern and sophisticated touch to the ambiance.

  • Product Demonstrations: Transparent showcases are ideal for product demonstrations or showcases in showrooms, retail stores, or product launch events. They allow customers to see the product in action while providing additional information or specifications on the display.

  • Informational Displays: Transparent showcases can be used for informational displays in public spaces, libraries, or educational institutions. They can showcase maps, schedules, or directory information while allowing users to see through the display to the surrounding area.

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Showcasing a collection of our clients most unique and innovative installations. With Transparent Displays now available in so many sizes and with customizations such as portrait transparent solutions and 3DP dual layer transparent solutions, the possibilities are endless. We have now seen transparent displays used in almost every industry, predominantly in the retail and museum sector but in industrial applications too.

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