All forms of digital signage help bring Museums to life and engage visitors, but transparent displays have that unbeatable WOW factor and leave the desired lasting impression.

They also allow an audience to interact with artefacts from the past without touching and damaging them like in this install at a museum. The artefact is placed within the transparent LCD showcase box and then the interactive content running on the screen allows the visitors to learn more about the item, without touching or damaging it.

Transparent displays are very popular in museum installs. Over the years we have had various transparent LCD installations within museums all around the world. They particularly look great within Museums as most of the time, integrators can benefit from the darker ambience of the exhibit to really make the transparent displays “pop”. As the darker the environment, the more transparent the display will appear. If you have delicate items to showcase, there are ways to protect them from the light / heat. We have had some installs where customers add fans and fibre optic lighting to protect the products if they are more fragile. 

This install occurred 5 years ago and is still going strong today.

Watch our Transparent Display in Action at a Museum

Did you ever think you would see a transparent LCD install within a fast-food chicken restaurant? Well, we didn’t but we are so glad it has materialised.

True Chicken Grab ‘n’ Go Stations have transparent LCD doors which hide and reveal your food order before your eyes. Using cleverly timed and designed monochrome content on our transparent LCD displays alongside lift systems.

Three years ago, True Chicken decided to enter the fast-food industry with a strong technological presence and leaving a long-lasting impression with their customers.

They introduced themselves by completely revolutionising their newly launched fast-food chain with their flagship store, Plus City in Pasching, bringing a whole new magical and unique dining experience with digital advertising displays.

Take a Closer Look at the true chicken transparent install

Not all transparent LCD display installs are forever, sometimes they are for trade shows and exhibitions. A great way to stop passers-by in their tracks and a great icebreaker.

This is what Aviator definitely achieved with their transparent showcases at Baselworld.

This was for the show in 2016 but the transparent displays can be reused for trade shows after the initial event and can also be installed within offices for a talking point for visitors. Although not a permanent install, a very prominent application with the option to use year after year, so worth the investment.

Take a Look at The Aviator's Show Stopping Transparent Extravaganza at Baselworld

Throw Back, from 10 years ago, the nike transparent podium for mercurial football boot

10 years and still going strong - cDS 22" samsung transparent window displays at harrods, London

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