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Dual Sided Window Displays

Introduction to CDS Dual Sided Window Displays

Dual-sided window displays have the transformative capability to enhance the appeal of various settings including stores, banks, and commercial buildings. Featuring an exterior-facing display boasting a brightness of up to 3000m² (alternatively available at 700cd and 1500cd), along with an inward-facing screen characterized by exceptional high contrast and a minimum brightness of 400cd/m² (alternatively available at 700cd), these displays ensure visibility under diverse ambient conditions and usage scenarios. Despite their dual-sided nature, our solution boasts an impressively slim and lightweight design, with a depth starting at an astounding 12mm, surpassing the thinness of most single-sided screens. This sleek profile contributes to an aesthetically pleasing appearance, enhancing the overall design of the display.

What is a Dual Sided Window Display?

A dual-sided window display, also known as a double-sided window display, is a type of advertising or promotional display system typically installed in the windows of storefronts, shops, or other commercial establishments. Unlike traditional single-sided displays that are visible from only one direction, dual-sided displays are designed to be viewed from both the interior and exterior of the building simultaneously.

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Key Features

  • Visibility from Multiple Directions: Dual-sided displays are visible from both the inside and outside of the store, allowing businesses to capture the attention of pedestrians passing by on both sides of the street or storefront. This increases the potential audience for marketing messages.

  • Increased Exposure: With two sides available for advertising, businesses can effectively double their exposure without needing additional space. This is especially advantageous for locations situated on busy streets or in high-traffic areas.

  • Versatility: Dual-sided displays offer flexibility in terms of content and messaging. Businesses can choose to display the same content on both sides for consistency or opt for different messages to target different audiences or showcase multiple products or promotions simultaneously.

  • Maximization of Real Estate: Storefront real estate is valuable, and dual-sided displays help businesses make the most of it by utilizing both sides of the window for promotional purposes. This is particularly beneficial for smaller businesses with limited space.

  • Attractive Design: Dual-sided displays can be visually striking, drawing attention from both directions. Creative design elements, such as vibrant colors, dynamic lighting, or interactive features, can further enhance their appeal and effectiveness.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience: By providing engaging content on both sides of the window, businesses can enrich the shopping experience for customers, whether they are passing by on the street or browsing inside the store. Well-executed displays can pique curiosity and encourage people to explore further.

  • Cost-Efficiency: While dual-sided displays may require a higher initial investment compared to single-sided options, they offer better value for money by effectively doubling the advertising space. Over time, this can translate into higher returns on investment through increased visibility and customer engagement.

  • Integration with Digital Technology: Many dual-sided displays now incorporate digital screens or interactive elements, allowing businesses to showcase dynamic content such as videos, animations, or interactive experiences. This modern approach can captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression.

Maximized Visibility

With displays visible from both inside and outside the store or building, dual-sided displays maximize exposure to passersby on both sides of the street or sidewalk, increasing the likelihood of capturing their attention.

Enhanced Engagement

By presenting information or advertising content from multiple angles, dual-sided displays can engage potential customers more effectively, increasing the chances of them interacting with the displayed content.

Improved Customer Experience

Dual-sided displays can enhance the overall customer experience by providing relevant information or promotional offers at multiple touchpoints, whether customers are walking past the storefront or browsing inside the store.

Anti-Glare and Anti-Reflection Features

Our dual-sided displays are equipped with anti-glare and anti-reflection coatings or technologies to reduce glare and improve visibility in sunlight. These features help maintain clear visibility of the content despite ambient light conditions.

Dynamic Content Adjustment

 CDS dual-sided displays can incorporate sensors or automatic brightness adjustment features that dynamically adapt the display’s brightness based on ambient light conditions. This can help maintain optimal visibility in changing sunlight conditions.


  • Retail Stores: Dual-sided window displays are commonly used in retail stores to showcase products, promotions, and branding messages to both pedestrians outside the store and customers inside. They can effectively attract attention and drive foot traffic, especially in high-traffic areas.

  • Banks and Financial Institutions: Banks often utilize dual-sided window displays to advertise financial products and services, as well as to communicate important information to customers and passersby. These displays can help reinforce branding and create a welcoming atmosphere.

  • Restaurants and Cafés: Dual-sided window displays can be used by restaurants and cafés to promote menu items, daily specials, or events to people walking by on the street. They can also enhance the ambiance of the establishment by showcasing themed decorations or seasonal offerings.

  • Real Estate Agencies: Real estate agencies can use dual-sided window displays to showcase property listings, featured properties, and agent information. These displays can attract potential buyers or renters who are passing by and looking for available properties in the area.

  • Event Venues: Event venues, such as theaters, concert halls, or conference centers, can use dual-sided window displays to advertise upcoming events, performances, or conferences. These displays can generate awareness and interest among potential attendees.

  • Museums and Galleries: Museums and galleries often use dual-sided window displays to promote current and upcoming exhibitions, as well as to provide information about admission prices, hours of operation, and membership benefits. These displays can attract visitors and enhance the cultural experience.

  • Hotels and Hospitality: Hotels and hospitality businesses can utilize dual-sided window displays to showcase amenities, room rates, and special packages to guests and passersby. These displays can help increase occupancy rates and drive bookings.

  • Automotive Dealerships: Car dealerships can use dual-sided window displays to showcase featured vehicles, promotions, and financing options. These displays can attract potential customers and drive showroom traffic.

Why Choose The CDS Dual Sided Window Displays?

  • Widest range of dual sided displays – high contrast displays from 400cd up to 3000cd brightness and sizes from 37” up to 55”.
  • Dual Sided Window Display – Don’t lose out on marketing opportunities to passers by with the outward facing sunlight readable Displays but also help build brand loyalty once your customers are inside the building with the inward facing screens to highlight other products / services or reinforce your message / brand.
  • Window Displays (up to 3000cd/m²) – Visibility is critical when using street facing displays which is why our displays only use industrial grade high reliability high brightness panels so we have a solution for every application.
  • Simple Plug and Play or network updatable – With a built in HD Android media player you can update them using a USB memory stick i.e. simply load your pictures and videos onto a USB memory stick which will copy the files into its internal flash memory. 
  • Blackening resistant screens – In direct sunlight most LCD panels will overheat and blackening on the panel will occur (you may have seen this with other suppliers?)  but because CDS is a Displays specialist our engineers ensure we only utilise unique ultra-high brightness panels with specific high temp Liquid crystal that can withstand surface temperatures up to 110˚C.  
  • Integrated Ceiling Mount to give complete solution – The Display solution comes with an integrated wire hanging mounting solution so no additional ceiling mount is required.

Each Side Can Be Driven Independently

Ultra Slim Design -From 12mm Thickness

Industrial Design Suitable for 24/7 Usage

CDS Product Range

Part NumberSizeBrightness (cd/m2)Active Area (mm)Outer Dimensions (mm)Notes
MP-430-DS-STD-70043"700 / 700941 x 5291210 x 630 x 22
MP-490-DS-STD-70049"700 / 7001073 x 6041350 x 704 x 22
MP-550-DS-STD-70055"700 / 7001210 x 6801500 x 784 x 22
MP-430-DS-HB-150043"1500 / 700941 x 5291235 x 630 x 44High Bright
MP-550-DS-HB-150055"1500 / 7001210 x 6801528 x 784 x 44High Bright
MP-430-DS-HB-300043"3000 / 700941 x 5291032 x 601 x 80Ultra High Bright (HiTni LCD)
MP-550-DS-HB-300055"3000 / 7001210 x 6801312 x 758 x 80Ultra High Bright (HiTni LCD)
MP-370-DS-UT-40037"400/400803 x 4521147 x 470 x 12Ultra Thin

CDS Double Sided Window Displays in Action

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