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CDS has a wide array of Instrumentation LCD TFT Displays, LCD panel, LCD small screen and products designed and developed for Instrumentation applications.

We have focused our entire range on high quality, industrial grade products to ensure our solutions offer both the performance and also the reliability that our customers have come to expect from our PCD panels and displays. CDS has a wide range of products including instrumentation TFTs, Instrumentation OLEDs, and instrumentation LCDs so you have a solution for every instrumentation application.

These could be for mains powered or battery powered and low paper applications as well as those that are interactive and need touchscreens or those that will be used in direct sunlight and so require high brightness displays and modules. The high impact small LCD screen displays as well as the high reliability of CDS’s range of LCD TFTs add real value to our clients applications.

We have the ability to customise our displays for instrumentation, TFTs for instrumentation, OLEDs for instrumentation, LCD screens, and touchscreens for instrumentation to ensure the display is fully suitable for your instrumentation application. Our primary focus is the design of custom LCD products for OEM customers who have unique needs. Our staff understands the necessity of quick, knowledgeable engineering support.

The CDS portfolio of displays includes for instrumentation includes:

Industrial TFT LCD / LCD screen panels with  optical-bonding and industrial touchscreen and touch sensors

• Option of IP65 rated displays

• A wide range of Single Board Computers (SBCs) with a variety of I/O to drive instrumentation applications

 The Displays to meet your requirement

Please contact our technical sales team to discuss your LCD panel  / LCD small screen project and requirement so we can help you get the optimum solution for your specific instrumentation application.

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Instrumentation LCD TFT Displays and Popular Products for Instrumentation Applications

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