CDS Industrial Ruggedized Monitors

Industrial LCD Touchscreen monitors and Displays are used in many different industrial and high reliability applications such as customer requirements for rugged fully sealed touch screen monitors for various applications including factory control, automotive factories, chemical mixing or weighing stations. Sealing is always critical and of vital importance as there is always the possibility of some issues such as oil or chemical splashing or spillage on or around the display. Our standard 10”-32″ sealed touch screen monitors are perfect for these applications and the cables for signals such as HDMI or VGA for example are also catered for, with touch screen control and DC power to the monitor supplied at the rear of the monitor to give reliable, shielded and a cost effective sealing. We can also engrave the customer’s name onto the displays for branding purposes which “brands” them for the specific customer or end user but can also add a security value as they can be less attractive to theft due to the engraved logo which cannot be removed!

The CDS team has more than 50 years’ combined experience of supplying high-quality industrial products. CDS can supply components, controllers, firmware, or programming for your industrial monitors and / or Panel PCs, but we can also supply customised monitor and PPC solutions including your own bespoke project requirements. The CDS team of experienced technicians and engineers can guide you in selecting the right products for your project requirements whether it is a new project, or if it is to be integrated into an existing system.  By choosing the CDS products you will guarantee high quality, reliable, optimised performance industrial IPCs (Industrial PCs) / monitors or a specific project solution. CDS is able to offer a wide variety of TFT LCD displays, industrial touch screens or monitors tailored to your own custom requirements.

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