Stretched LCD Case Studies

Museum Exhibits Brought to Life with Wide Stretched Touch MonitorsMuseum wide stretched displays

Where? = Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago USA.

Display? = Exhibit kitted out with our wide stretched touch monitors to bring artefacts to life with touch interaction and they look great!

Product? = 15 x 38.1″ Extreme Wide Stretched Monitor with PCAP Touch.


Super Market POS Displays Small Stretched LCD POS

Where? = Advertising display at the point of sale in a retail store.

Display? = POS display advertising products on the shelf.

Product? = 8.8″ ultra wide stretched LCD.


Refrigeration Displays stretched fridge displays

Where? = Exhibition show

Display? = Advertising display for along the top of the refrigerator, showcasing the icecreams on sale.

Product? = 49.5″ ultra wide stretched LCD display


Conference Keyboarddisplax piano

Where? = Conference room

Display? = Ultra wide stretched display used as a keyboard, an interactive tool for passers-by.

Product? = 88 inch LG ultra wide stretched monitor along with DISPLAX PCAP touch foil


L’Oréal POS Displays
8.8 inch pos display

Where? = Retail store display

Display? = Advertising Point of Sale display using products and digital displays

Product? = 8.8 inch LCD displays


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