Custom 37" Stretched IP66 Monitor For Glass Manufacturing Plant

Challenges Faced?

Our customer is a small company working in the glass industry, and more specifically, hollow glass factories. They have developed a robotic system to help the manufacture of glass bottles and increase the human safety for a specific operation in glass factories. Glass plants are a tough environment, with a lot of dust and grease. Therefore, they approached us with the request for an industrial grade display that can give factory workers information they need quickly and without too much movement and distraction. Previously our customer was using an LED Display, which was functional, but not optimal. Here at CDS we custom designed our customer a 37” stretched monitor with 3mm tempered anti-reflective glass, aluminium front bezel, rubber sealing, steel housing, and fully IP66 rating with waterproof interfaces.

Type of Company

Company providing top-tier robotic equipment and software for automated glass production




MO-370-003-EW-700-IP66-WM – StretchedVUE 37″ Stretched IP66 Industrial Monitor, 700nits, 1920×540

machines working with giant glasses in industrial glass window production factory.