CDS Transparent LED Glass

CDS TGLASS displays

CDS Transparent LED Glass (TGLASS) displays are an innovation in the retail and corporate sector and the next generation of window displays which create an amazing impact on store fronts and shop windows.

These displays allow the shopfront or atrium to be converted into a digital advertising space, whilst allowing transparency into the building.

This allows retailers to maximise the impact of advertising campaigns without blocking out larger areas of the windows. Natural Sunlight is allowed into the building and digital content is transmitted out.

The modular structure allows systems to be built to accommodate windows of all sizes, including atriums spanning several floors.

Transparent LED2

Content can be delivered via a customised controller, allowing for rich and vibrant presentations.

The LED displays are available in several pixel pitches, allowing for the viewing distance and content, to be tailored to the individual location and objective of the campaign.

The displays are installed inside the store behind the existing glass but due to its robustness and light weight can also light up the sides of buildings etc.

The modular LED arrays are built to a custom sub frame (manufactured of high quality aluminium, which can be installed in several ways depending on the site).

Unparalleled TransparencyGreater than 80% Transparency at highest resolution
Easy SetupPlug and play. Super quick and easy for installation.
Light WeightOnly weighted 18kg/pcs (including hanging strings and power supplies). It weights half of most LED displays.
High Brightness & Energy EfficientWith 6000nits (cd/m2) in brightness, the display is visible under direct sun light and can be used 24/7
Easy to MaintainLong life expectancy (100,000 hrs) as replacement LED strips are swapped in easily without having to replace the entire panel.

Mechanical Dimensions

tled dimensions Transparent LED (TGLASS) displays

The drawing above shows our standard unit, which is available in 3 different models:

Pixel Pitch (mm)5 x 87.5 x 810
LED ModelSMD3528SMD3528SMD3528
Brightness (cd/m2)600060006000
Display Size (mm)960 x 1280960 x 1280960 x 1280
Resolution (dot/m2)250001666610000
Max. Power (w/m2)860820880
Avg. Power (w/m2)258246264
Ingress ProtectionIP20IP20IP20
Refresh Rate (Hz)1000~15001000~15001000~1500
Weight (kg)181818
Working Temp.-10 to +40 oC-10 to +40 oC-10 to +40 oC

Example of how CDS CDS Transparent LED Glass could be used:

Custom CDS Transparent LED Glass Frames

As in the video above, if you want a bigger display than 63″ then we can build a custom frame for you.

There is no limit to the size we can produce the CDS Transparent LED Glass frames due to their unique design, so if you have a custom window you would like turned into a digital display, then please give us a call to discuss your requirements.

Click here to email us or you can call our sales team on +44 (0)1634 791600..

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