Come and See Our Brand New 30 Inch Transparent OLED Freestanding Kiosk

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We are thrilled to announce the arrival of our revolutionary 30 inch Transparent OLED Freestanding Kiosk, now ready to dazzle visitors at the CDS UK headquarters. This cutting-edge display, based on the 30” LG open cell, has been meticulously reconfigured and transformed into a high-quality, sleek, and sophisticated display solution.

Unmatched Design and Functionality

Our kiosk features a transparent OLED screen optically bonded to a touchscreen, which is further bonded to a curved piece of toughened glass.

This innovative design ensures not only stunning visual clarity but also robust durability. The entire setup is engineered to be as slim and sleek as possible, with the electronics cleverly housed on the left-hand side and the power supplies discreetly integrated into the base. This thoughtful design makes it ideal for high-end locations where traditional, bulky displays simply wouldn’t fit.

Stunning Visuals with Remarkable Transparency

The newly launched 30 inch transparent OLED kiosk boasts a native resolution of 768 x 1366 (FHD), delivering breathtaking clarity and colour depth. With an impressive transparency level of 45%, this display can present information clearly while allowing viewers to see objects behind it. This makes it perfect for dynamic environments where both digital content and the physical surroundings are part of the experience.

Vivid Colours and High Contrast

One of the standout features of our transparent OLED display is its ability to produce accurate and vivid colours. Thanks to self-luminous pixels, the display maintains high contrast and vibrant hues even when it’s in a transparent state. This technology ensures that your content looks stunning and impactful in any setting.

Protective and Stylish

Our transparent OLED kiosk is not just about looks and performance; it’s built to last. The display is shielded by tempered glass, providing excellent protection against external impacts. Moreover, its aesthetically pleasing design allows it to blend seamlessly into any environment without taking up excessive space.

Comprehensive Connectivity and Advanced Features

The kiosk is equipped with a variety of connectivity options including USB, DP, HDMI in, audio in, RJ45 in, and RJ45 out, ensuring it can integrate effortlessly with your existing systems. Utilizing OLED self-emitting light technology, the display eliminates the need for backlight units, offering perfect picture quality with rich, gorgeous colour performance (10bit(R), 1.07 billion colours). It also boasts a super high contrast ratio of 135000:1, ultra-high picture quality, a good refresh rate with no content delay, and HD resolution (1366×768).

Versatile and User-Friendly

Powered by an Android 11 mainboard with HDMI passthrough, our transparent OLED kiosk supports a 178° ultra-wide viewing angle and capacitive touch control, making it perfect for a wide range of applications. Whether you’re using it for interactive installations, retail displays, or informational kiosks, this display is designed to provide an engaging and seamless user experience.


Come visit us at the CDS HQ and witness the future of display technology with our brand new 30-inch Transparent OLED Freestanding Kiosk. See for yourself how this elegant and powerful display can transform any space into a cutting-edge visual experience.

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