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CDS Square LCD Displays

Introducing Our Square LCD Displays

Square LCD displays, screens, and monitors, specifically designed for commercial applications, have witnessed a growing demand in various sectors such as retail, museums, digital art, amusement, and gaming design installations. These displays cater to situations where a distinctive and specialized screen is essential. Notably, they have gained significant popularity in museum exhibits, display designs, and artistic installations.

A range of options is offered, including square panels, panel and kit combinations, enclosed square LCD monitors (square monitors), and square chassis monitors. Interactive touch screen alternatives are also provided, along with fully customized solutions tailored to meet specific project requirements. Whether it’s high brightness, ruggedization, extra-thick touchscreens, or a variety of input options like HDMI, VGA, DP, DVI, these displays can be configured to suit diverse needs.

What is an Industrial Square LCD Display?

An industrial square LCD display is a robust and durable screen designed for challenging environments, offering high brightness, reliability, and tailored features to meet the stringent demands of industrial applications.

Some of the CDS square display and square monitor range

Part NumberDescriptionBrightnessResolutionOuter Dimensions (mm)Notes
MO-220-004-SQ-500-Z22" Square LCD Monitor500 cd/m²1920 x 1920412.9 x 412.9 x 52 mm Industrial Grade
MO-265-002-SQ-300-V26.5" Square LCD Monitor300 cd/m²1920 x 1920 494 x 494 x 56End of Life, LTB available
MO-332-001-SQ-500-V/PT33.2" Square LCD Monitor with Integrated PCAP Touch500 cd/m²1920 x 1920645 x 645 x 48Digital Signage (base panel is in demand)
MO-332-SQ-1000-L33.2" Square LCD Monitor 1,000 cd/m²1920 x 1920615.8 x 615.8 x 62.9 Industrial Grade
MO-352-SQ-1000-L35.2" Square LCD Monitor 1,000 cd/m²1850 x 2160633 x 714.4 x 74.7Industrial Grade
MO-356-IP65-OB-1000-Z35.6" Square LCD Monitor 1,000 cd/m²1900 x 2160696.2 x 778.2 x 71.9Custom Sunlight Readable Industrial Monitor, IP65 rated front face, optically bonded Anti-Reflective front glass, MOQ 20 pieces
MO-421-003-SQ-800-L42.1" Square LCD Monitor800 cd/m²1900 x 2160743.9 x 840.6 x 70.8Industrial Grade
MO-598-001-SQ-500-F59.8" Square LCD Monitor500 cd/m²1900 x 19001153.4 x 1153.4 x 51Industrial Grade, Optional inbuilt PCAP touch

Features of CDS Square LCD Displays

  • High durability and robust construction
  • Versatile input options: HDMI, VGA, DP, DVI
  • Interactive touch screen capabilities
  • Customization options for specific project requirements
  • Various configurations available, including square panels, panel and kit combinations, enclosed square LCD monitors, and square chassis monitors.

Benefits of CDS Square LCD Displays

  • Enhanced durability ensures longevity in challenging environments.
  • Versatile input options offer compatibility with various devices and systems.
  • Interactive touch screen capabilities provide user-friendly interfaces.
  • Customization options allow tailoring to specific project requirements.
  • Various configurations cater to diverse installation needs, providing flexibility in display setups.

Touch screens Available for our CDS Square LCD Displays

We are now able to offer fully customized Infra Red PCAP touchscreens for use with our Square LCD Displays and square monitors. We can offer custom cover glass with oversized borders and cut outs, as well as Optical Bonding for sunlight readability or high ambient conditions. Please contact our technical sales team to discuss your project requirement in more detail. 

CDS Square LCD Displays / Monitors also Available In Kit Form!

As well as having our complete range of square LCD Monitors, no frame monitors, or thin display panels we can also offer our solutions in component form too. All of our square LCD display Monitors are available in kit form, available with both AD interface boards and Touchscreens.  You to design your own housing and complete the integration yourselves.  We have kits available for 26 inch square monitor, 33 inch square monitor and 42 inch square monitors. 


  • Retail Environments: Ideal for point-of-sale displays and interactive customer interfaces.
  • Museum Exhibits: Well-suited for showcasing artifacts and providing interactive educational content.
  • Digital Art Installations: Used to display unique and engaging digital artworks in a square format.
  • Amusement and Gaming Design: Applied for gaming interfaces and immersive entertainment experiences.
  • Industrial Control Rooms: Utilized for monitoring and controlling processes in industrial settings.
  • Manufacturing Floors: Used for real-time data display and monitoring in production environments.
  • Outdoor Installations: Resilient design makes them suitable for outdoor information displays.
  • Control and Command Centers: Deployed in critical operations for monitoring and managing multiple systems.
  • Commercial Displays: Employed for advertising and information displays in retail and public spaces.
  • Artistic Installations: Chosen for their unique format in various artistic and creative displays.
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Here are some Example's Of our Square lCD monitor's in action

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