CDS Square LCD Displays

CDS Square LCD displays, square screens, and square monitors are increasingly popular in retail, museum, digital art, amusement and Gaming design installs where a niche and unique display is required. Particularly popular in Museum displays and display designs as well as art installs.

Multiple options available including square panel, panel and kit as well as enclosed square LCD monitor, and square chassis monitors. Interactive touchscreen options are also available as well as fully customised solutions to specifically meet your project requirements whether that be high brightness, ruggedization, extra thick touchscreens, or various input options such as HDMI, VGA, DVI etc. 

Just ask our technical sales team to discuss your project requirements.

Some of the CDS range

Part NumberDescriptionBrightnessResolutionOuter Dimensions (mm)Notes
MO-170-001-SQ-350-V17" Square LCD Monitor300 cd/m²1920 x 1920327 x 321.5 x 55Digital Signage
MO-216-001-SQ-450-V21.6" Square LCD Monitor450 cd/m²960 x 960395 x 395 x 95Digital Signage
MO-220-001-SQ-500-V22" Square LCD Monitor500 cd/m²1920 x 1920409.6 x 409.6 x 56Digital Signage
MO-220-SQ-500-L22" Square LCD Monitor500 cd/m²1920 x 1920412.4 x 412.4 x 51.6Industrial Grade
LG LM265SQ126.5" Square LCD Panel with SWAN kit300 cd/m²1920 x 1920491.8 x 491.8 x 13.1End of Life, LTB available
MO-265-001-SQ-1500-G26.5" Square LCD Monitor1,500 cd/m²1920 x 1920491.8 x 491.8 x 16.5End of Life, LTB available
MO-265-002-SQ-300-V26.5" Square LCD Monitor300 cd/m²1920 x 1920494 x 494 x 56End of Life, LTB available
MO-332-001-SQ-500-V33.2" Square LCD Monitor500 cd/m²1920 x 1920613 x 613 x 62Digital Signage
MO-332-001-SQ-500-V/PT33.2" Square LCD Monitor with Integrated PCAP Touch500 cd/m²1920 x 1920645 x 645 x 48Digital Signage
MO-332-SQ-1000-L33.2" Square LCD Monitor1,000 cd/m²1920 x 1920615.8 x 615.8 x 62.9Industrial Grade
MO-352-SQ-1000-L35.2" Square LCD Monitor1,000 cd/m²1850 x 2160633 x 714.4 x 74.7Industrial Grade
MO-421-SQ-800-L42.1" Square LCD Monitor800 cd/m²1900 x 2160743.9 x 840.6 x 70.8End of Life

Touchscreens Available for our CDS Square LCD Displays

We are now able to offer fully customised Infra Red PCAP touchscreens for use with our Square LCD Displays and monitors. We can offer custom cover glass with oversized borders and cut outs, as well as Optical Bonding for sunlight readability or high ambient conditions. Please contact our technical sales team to discuss your project requirement in more detail. 

CDS Square LCD Displays Also Available In Kit Form!

As well as having our complete range of dquare LCD Monitors ,no frame monitors, or thin display panels we can also offer our solutions in component form too. All of our square LCD display Monitors are available in kit form, available with both AD interface boards and Touchscreens.  This will allow you to design your own housing and complete the integration yourselves.  We have kits available for 26 square monitor, 33 square monitor and 42 square monitors. We can also offer the displays with bonded PCAP touchscreens ready for integration if you require.


Example Of a CDS Square lCD monitor in action

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