33.2" SquareVUE Monitor Application For a Production Company For The Set of Pricilla

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The production company for the set of Pricilla needed to create an old-style TV set, which unsurprisingly are very different to the TVs that we have today. To create a TV similar to what you’d see in the 1950s, our client needed a square LCD display.

In the image you can see the 1950s TV creation which was used in the Graceland music room within the film. The on-screen picture is from Humphrey Bogart’s “Beat the Devil” which was used in the film. 


United States, Sofia Coppola’s Pricilla shot in Toronto


1 x MO-332-002-SQ-500-V – 33.2″ SquareVUE LCD Monitor (AC) 500nits, 1920×1920

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Pricilla square monitor install