Electroluminescent Displays from Lumineq

Electroluminescent Displays from Lumineq are perfect for industrial applications. They are extremely rugged with super wide operating temperatures, designed to cope with vibrations and harsh environments. We also have a range of Transparent EL displays also, perfect for scopes, windshield displays and use in industrial vehicles. EL Displays are also very popular for Military Applications where reliability and high visibility are crucial.

LUMINEQ, renowned for its ultra-reliable rugged displays, has been innovating new display technology since 1984 and developed the world’s most transparent displays in recent years. LUMINEQ transparent displays improve situational awareness of optical devices and vehicle safety by bringing dynamic information to the line of sight. They also empower automotive manufacturers to deliver premium travel experience by turning vehicle windows into touch displays.

The smart window can display dynamic service information, such as travel cost information, estimated time of arrival at the destination, and outdoor temperature, thereby providing a high-quality vehicle experience. Or, you can add functions such as dimming control on the windows, otherwise you will need to equip another control panel to realize these functions.

Within sight, important information is displayed in the windshield, which is a major safety and ergonomic improvement design for industrial vehicle operators. This is an area where the traditional head-up display (HUD) based on the projector cannot work, but the glass laminated display can effectively solve this problem.

LUMINEQ transparent display can be used as an important supplementary component of optical equipment, ranging from rangefinders, endoscopes and head-mounted displays to telescopes, with a wide range of applications. The transparent display can display digital information within the line of sight, thereby elevating the user experience and situational awareness of optical devices to a whole new level.