Crystal Display offers customised digital display solutions as a one stop solution to develop a Display product from your concept, through to a production ready item. We collaborate with designers and engineers across the supply chain to bring your innovative customised digital display solutions to the market.

Advantages Of Working With CDS & its Customised Digital Display And touchscreen monitor solutions

Come to us with your idea and let us make it a reality

Leverage our Industry Professionals with their Knowledge and Guidance

Agreed project Scope and Budgets

Rapid Prototypes

Reduce your Time to Market

Delivery Schedules & Stock Holding to Meet your Needs

Complete After Sales Support with RMA Process

Customised Digital Displays and touchscreen monitor solutions Can Include, but are not limited to:


  • Adapted chassis design
  • Custom Cover Glass (link to custom touch)
  • Addition of Corporate Logos
  • IP Weatherproof Ratings (IP54 thru IP67)
  • Custom Mounting Arrangements
  • Integrate customers Electronics
  • Steel, Aluminium, Zintec enclosures
  • Natural/Powder Coat / Anodize finish
  • Replicate existing mechanics

Optical / Electrical

  • High Brightness
  • Extreme Wide Aspect
  • Ultra High Brightness
  • Touch Integration
  • Optical Bonding
  • Custom PCB Design/Assembly
  • CE / FCC Certification
  • Backlit Logo
  • LED Edge lit Addition
  • Wide input voltage (AC/DC)
  • Ambient Light Sensor
  • 4G Module or Router
  • Custom RAL Colour
  • On/Off Timers
  • Device Surveillance boards
  • Multiple input sources
  • Integrate customers Electronics

Firmware / Software / Housing

  • MS Windows, Android OS
  • OS Image Ghosting
  • Customer Software implementation
  • 4G connectivity
  • Corporate Splash Screens
  • Custom Bios Configuration
  • Digital Signage Hosting
  • Firmware adaptable for specific markets
  • RS232/IP Control
  • Customized Digital Display and touchscreen monitor solutions

Examples of CDS Customised Digital Display and touchscreen monitor solutions:

Project: Outdoor Transportation Project.

Region: Northern Europe

Qty: 280+Pcs

Scope: Collaborative Design and manufacture of outdoor (IP65) Digital Displays for Information Signs. All in One System, with Motherboard, Sensor Board, customer software, and 4G connectivity.

Application Photo

Project: TFT LCD Controller (Application Confidential)

Region: UK

Qty: 2000+

Scope: Complete design and supply of VGA->TTL LCD interface  with bespoke Mechanical footprint, custom power Layer and I2C control.

Application Photo

Project: 21.5” Gaming Monitor

Region: Eastern Europe

Qty: 300+

Scope: Collaborative design for replacement displays in legacy systems

Application Photo

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