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Here at CDS we are continuously being asked for “special shaped displays” for specialist and WOW-factor installs. Therefore, to add to our square and wide-stretched displays, we have added circular LCD displays. We feel this completes our niche, unique aspect ratio, and special shaped range.

Circular LCD displays can be used within any application. Whether as an unusual and “stand out” digital signage screen or within industrial environments if a necessary project has the requirements.

A popular application is Casino machines, gaming machines, our circular monitors enable a round gaming machine topper to attract players.

Circular LCD displays are increasing opportunities

One of our circular monitors is a 23.6” wide viewing angle display with a resolution of 1280×1280. The display has HDMI and USB inputs as well as PCAP touch technology for an interactive experience.

The CDS circular offering has 700 nits brightness and high contrast for the highest quality picture images. We can increase the brightness to 1,000 nits. Also with options for IP65 front faced, anti-glare or anti-reflective glass. 

As well as this monitor, CDS can also offer a halo edge lit circular display. Consisting of a 23.6” industrial grade circular panel with up to 1000 nits brightness and high 1280×1280 resolution. It has been designed and engineered from the bottom up for the gaming industry but can be used in any quirky commercial design install for instance, or for a specialist industrial application.

Not only this, but we can also support smaller format round displays for industrial and automotive projects. The round TFT range starts at 1.28 inch (active area = 32.40 x 32.40 mm), going up to an amazing 5″ but including 2.1″ and 3.4″ also.

The round LCD offerings consist of various resolutions including 240 x 240, 260 x 360, 1080 x 1080, and an amazing 1280 x 1280 the options are extremely wide! If brightness is critical the range has a wide selection of backlight luminance including 600cd up to 1600cd for outdoor / high ambient conditions.

The TFT and AMOLED panels also have varying interfaces to meet a wide array of requirements including MIPI, RGB, LVDS or HDMI for the larger size monitors as well as Circular LCD.

In addition to this, interactive touchscreen options are available, utilising the latest PCAP touch technology. CDS also offers for the large format circle displays drop in alternatives to Bestech monitors, Fantalooks displays, Elo touchscreens, Eurocoin monitors, all the Korean manufacturers as well as anyone you are using.  Just send us a data sheet.



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