CDS Transparent Case Studies show the demand for Transparent LCD displays increasing we have seen more and more innovative applications for the unique technology.

Here are a few examples of CDS Transparent Case Studies:

True Chickentrue chicken

Where? = True Chicken fast food restaurant, Plus City in Pasching, Austria.

Product? = Custom lift system boxes with transparent LCD front and monochrome content to hide and reveal customers’ food orders

Display?= 21.5″ transparent LCD kits

This incredible group project involved the collaboration of many creative and talented companies, follow the links to find out who.

Harris Innovation Centreharris innovations

Where? = Harris Innovation Centre, Melbourne, Florida, USA.

Product? = Interactive display portraying a 3D figure for visitors to engage with.

Display?= 75 inch transparent 3DP solution – 75″ transparent LCD paired with a 75 inch high brightness display with matched polarisers to create a 3D effect.

Mr Porter mr porter

Where? = Mayfair pop-up shop in London.

Product? = Custom-designed hardware to enhance the Kingsman experience, they created a transparent display-based attraction showcasing the Kingsman X TAG Heuer smartwatch.

Display?= 23″ Transparent TFT LCD Kit with touch overlay.

Halifax Halifax-Logo

Where? = Halifax bank, opposite Tottenham court road tube station, New Oxford St.

Product? = Transparent LCD piggy bank in the children’s play section to encourage them to save their pennies.

Display?= 43 inch transparent LCD panel in portrait with a 10 point PCAP touch overlay.

Glasgow Science CentreGlasgow Science Centre

Where? = Glasgow Science Centre at their newest exhibit showing the latest and cutting-edge research into cataracts

Product? = Showcase box with model of an eye inside with clever content on the display to show each part in a closer light.

Display?= 21.5″ transparent LCD kit with interactive touch overlay.

This “eye-catching” display was successfully installed by FifeX Ltd, please see more about the how they benefited from the transparent LCD technology when planning their clever content please click here.

Urban Decayurban decay

Where? = Well known department store

Product? = Transparent displays are used to showcase Urban Decays latest beauty product launches

Display? = 10 inch Transparent LCD showcases

Data Space at the SAP, Berlin

Where? =Data Space at the SAP, Berlindata space

Product? = Transparent displays are used here in the revolutionary “Food Wall” as a virtual waitress where food is offered behind the screens.

Display? = Transparent LCD panel and kits.


Where? = Flagship NBA Store, New York NBANBA

Product? = Transparent LCD showcase designed with our LCD display

Display? = 1 x 84″ transparent LCD display, 3840 x 2160 4K display

Planet Hollywood

Where? = Disney Springs Resort, Planet Hollywood Restaurant, Orlandoplanet hollywood

Product? = Transparent LCD showcase designed with our LCD display showcasing the famous outfits worn by the stars to keep customers entertained whilst waiting for a table

Display? = 4 x 70″ transparent LCD displays

Footprint Scenery

Where? = Footprint Scenery exhibition booth at the VM&Display Show footprint

Product? = Built into a trade show stand which acted as a virtual shop to entice visitors

Display? = 1 x 32″ Transparent LCD Clearvue display with touch interaction

Swiss Church, London

Where? = An art show, The Swiss Church LondonThe Swiss Church London

Product? = Display used in an art exhibition to display some interesting content at the Church

Display? = Transparent LED glass demo display

German Museum

Where? = German MuseumTransparent museum

Product? = 47″ transparent LCDs are joint with a showcase box and backlight to create an interactive touch display where Museum visitors can engage with the artefacts without damaging them.

Display? = 47″ Transparent LCD & kit integration display

Artistic Stained Glass Windowstransparent lcd displays

Where? = London

Product? =  Artistic stained glass window displays

Display? = 47″ Transparent portrait LCD panel

Museum Designs transparent displays

Where? = Popular Museum in Europe

Product? =  “Excavations” Credit Patrick Hough, 2015. Project exploring the convergence between cinema, technology and museology.

Display? = 21.5″ Transparent portrait LCD panels

Charriol High End Watch Promotion charriol watch

Where? = Charriol Expo stand, Baselworld, Switzerland.

Product? =  High end promotion at world class watch and jewellery show.

Display? = 21.5” Full HD Transparent LCD.

Eatsa eatsa_wordmark

Where? = Eatsa Restaurant, USA

Product? =  Querky Interactive Restaurant using transparent technology to produce food orders instead of people

Display? = 21.5” Full HD Transparent LCDs.

PUMApuma logo

Where? = Sports Retail Outlet, Oxford Street, London

Product? =  Transparent Showcase box displays with amazing content to show ‘Gamechanging” Puma football boots.

Display? = 21.5” Full HD Transparent LCD Showcase.

Intelintel logo

Where? = Intel HQ, United Kingdom.

Product? = Custom 47” freestanding and 22” counter top Transparent showcases.

Display? = 1 x 46” and 1 x 22” Transparent Displays

Harrodsharrods logo

Where? = Harrods store, London

Product? = Window display to stop passers-by in their tracks

Display? = 22 inch Samsung transparent LCD (please note, no longer available, EOL display)


Where? = Numerous Sports stores throughout the UK including Sports Direct, Oxford Street, London England

Product? = Promotional Point Of Sale for Predator soccer boot

Display ?= 21.5” FULL HD Transparent Display


Where? = Harrods, London England

Product? = Promotional lectern for Predator soccer boot

Display? = 22” Transparent with interactive touch


Where?= CASIO STORE, Covent Garden London England

Product? = Promotional Point Of Sale for G Shock watch

Display ?= 22” Transparent with motion sensor to prime and begin content


Where? = Volkswagen Exhibition stand, IAA Expo Frankfurt, Germany.

Product? = Promotional Point Of Sale for VW history and technology.

Display? = 3 x 70” Transparent Displays.


Where? = Baselworld, Basel, Switzerland

Product? = Promotional Point Of Sale for Ingersoll watches

Display ?= 10” custom brushed aluminium Transparent showcase with custom logo and content.

Holcim Ecuadorholcim logo

Where? = Holcim, one of the world’s largest building materials’ companies, Ecuador.

What? =  Exhibition stand & Entrance hall exhibit.

Product? = Unique Promotional Tool

Display? = 1 x 70” Transparent Display with touch screen.

Science Museumscm-logo-blue-300px_400x400

Where? = Science Museum, London England

Product? = 7 showcases in the 200 years of Technological development exhibition

Display? = 21.5” Transparent with interactive touchscreen using MAC drivers.

Chivas Regalchivas

Where? = Dubai Airport Duty Free

Product? = Promotional Point Of Sale for historical Blended aged whiskey

Display? = 37” Transparent custom showcase (in portrait) with custom size and colour scheme. Internal suede finish.

Hard Rock Caféhard rock cafe

Where? = Orlando, Florida Restaurant

Product? =  The Beatles classic music memorabilia

Display? = 21.5″ Full HD transparent LCD integrated into a showcase


Where? = Duty Free in an airport

Product? =  Cocktail making with Smirnoff Vodka

Display? = 32″ Full HD transparent LCD integrated into a showcase


Where? = Nike, Department Store London

Product? =  Nike new range of trainers

Display? = 15.6″ Transparent landscape showcase for show promotion

The Galaxygalaxy

Where? = The Galaxy Store, South Korea

Product? =  Designer Suits and high end tailored clothing

Display? = 70″ Transparent portrait showcase for shore promotion


Where? = CES Exhibition Stand, Las Vegas

Product? =  Transparent Showcase box displays with amazing content to show their products and capabilities!

Display? = 47” Full HD Transparent LCD Showcase.

Johnson & Johnson’sJohnson__and__Johnson

Where? = 51st EASD Annual Meeting, Stockholm, Sweden, 14-18 September 2015

Product? =  Transparent LCD used for Showcase box displays with amazing content to show their products and capabilities!

Display? = 21.5” Full HD Transparent LCD Panel and component kit for integration.


Where? = Basel World, Watch and Jewellery Show March 2016avitor

Product? =  Transparent LCD used for Showcase box displays at an exhibition show with amazing content and product placement to show their amazing high class watches and historical background!

Display? = 2 x 55” Full HD Transparent LCD Panels and component kits for integration.


Where? = Bluewater Shopping Centre volvic

Product? =  Transparent LCD used for Showcase box displays at popular shopping centre in the UK with amazing content and product placement to show off new flavoured mineral water.

Display? = 32” Full HD Transparent LCD Panels and component kits for integration.


Where? = CBRE Event

Product? =  ClearVue Showcase displaying a bottle of champagne.

Display? = ClearVue Lite 10.1″ (1024 x 600) Transparent Showcase.

National Trustthe national trust

Where? = National Trust at Cragside House, Northumberland.

Product? = Lord Armstrong’s publication ‘Electrical Movement in Air and Water’ are being reconstructed in front of your very eyes by Mr Britton and Mr Moore from within the Spark Cabinet.

Display? = 2 x 9.7″ Portrait Transparent LCD TFT Display Kits for integration

Phanta Visualphanta visual

Where? = Museum Vakdagen Show

Product? = Amazing Exhibition stand with a wide range of digital displays to attract passers-by

Display? = 10″ Transparent ClearVue showcase box, Mini Totem, Wide Stretched shelf edge display

Sea Life Centre

Where? = Sea Life Centresealife-logo-new

Product? = Combining the digital translucent technology with the actual fish and ocean animals to create and amazing fit between real products / animals and technology.

Display? = Transparent LCD & kit integration display

Michael Kors

Where? = German Jewellery StoreMK logo

Product? = 21.5″ transparent LCDs are paired with a showcase box and backlight to create a fabulous digital advertising display. With the use of clever content the high end watches are hidden and then revealed for an impressive effect as well as getting a promotional message across to boost sales.

Display? = 21.5″ Transparent LCD & kit integration display

La Mer Lar-Mer-Logo

Where? = Thailand Airport pop-up advertising display

Product? = A shopping centre in Thailand have decided to use transparent LCD panels mixed with two freestanding LCD displays to create a very visual appealing promotion for the latest skincare products.

Display? = 15″ Transparent LCD kit for installation

Museums & Heritage Show

museum heritage show

Where? = Museum & Heritage Show

Product? = Eye-catching addition to the companies exhibition stand, showing how Museums and the like can use transparent LCD to hide and reveal artefacts

Display? = 27″ transparent LCD display with infrared touch interaction

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