"Harrods and Crystal Displays Install Dynamic Transparent Window Displays"

Harrods in partnership with Crystal Display Systems Limited (https://crystal-display.com/components/displays/transparent-displays/) have revealed, what Crystal Displays believe is, the first major window display using the Samsung transparent Displays in the UK (and may be Europe) combining the dynamic screen images of the TFT LCD display with the actual ‘hard’ product to create an amazing window showcase.

These displays are stopping passersby in their tracks as they observe and take photos of this new phenomenon and even press their faces against the window to try and understand how Harrods are doing this with no projector!

The Products can appear and disappear before your eyes as the display changes from transparent to opaque creating great opportunities for surprise and the all important WOW factor.

There has been a lot of talk and hype about transparent Displays but Crystal Displays and Harrods have been forward thinking and pro-active to embrace this new display technology to make it a reality.  The Harrods window displays are some of the best in the World with every detail carefully considered, but the transparent Displays help take them to an all new dynamic level.  The opportunities are limitless with the content bringing the displays and products to life.

The photos show the 22” version but clearly the next stage could include 46” or larger both for window and indoor use with touch screen interactivity also an option.

Brands can now take advantage of this technology to grab and wow viewers to raise their profile and product branding!

The new transparent Displays could be of interest to Gaming / Casino  companies,  DOOH, commercial interiors, digital signage, Hotels and hospitality, restaurants, signage companies, Retail, Jewellers, Leisure, shopfitters, shopping centres, estate agents, Electronic designers, and Kiosks.  Harrods retail is just the start.

For more information on the transparent Displays and other offerings please email us on info@crystal-display.com or go to: