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Bespoke All-In-One Panel PC’s

bepsoke panel pc
Bespoke panel pc
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  • The majority of CDS Panel PC solutions have a level of customisation but there is an increasing number being totally bespoke.

  • This could include FULL IP rating, branding, integrating other peripherals and integrating propriety free issued electronics.

CASE STUDY ~ 32" High Bright Public Transport AIO

CDS developed a fully IP65 rated embedded solution – supplying >500 units into Scandinavia

  • 32″ High Bright Industrial LCD

  • Optical bonded

  • Embedded PC

  • Internal heating

  • 4G Modem

  • Integrated Surveillance electronics

  • Moisture/shock/temperature/tamper sensors

  • Ambient Light Sensor


CASE STUDY ~ 37" Stretch Factory automation monitor

The client needed a display to fit in a limited space for glass processing production information

  • 37″ Stretch 1920×540 pixels
  • FULL IP 66 monitor
  • 700cd
  • UART control
  • Top -10 ~ + 60degC
  • Air bleed valve
  • 3mm tempered protection glass

CASE STUDY ~ 7" HB Heavy industrial vehicle monitor

bespoke panel pc case study

To extend their range, the client wanted to add a small 7″ rugged touch monitor

  • 7″ High Bright Industrial LCD
  • FULL IP66
  • PCAP Touchscreen
  • High Bright 1000cd with Ambient Light Sensor
  • Optical bonded
  • Signals through SUS304 IP rated connectors
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Air Bleed Valve
  • Wide 9-36Vdc input

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