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Crystal Display Systems (CDS) is one of the world’s leading display technology partners and a European market leader in industrial TFT LCD display solutions with the widest range of LCD TFT Display Components, touchscreens, and accessories in the market.  The CDS range is designed for and focused on industrial applications with the highest quality and reliability.  The range covers many areas and product technologies as you can see below which with CDS’s extensive distribution portfolio of all of the leading global manufacturers, CDS can efficiently serve almost all customer requirements.

CDS with its huge range of display panel technologies and TFT LCD Display components including TFT, LCD. Electroluminescent, LED and OLED) suitable for most applications. Each of the technologies CDS offers give excellent but differing benefits and performance optimised for many different end applications. The CDS technical engineering teams can guide its customers with the decisions as to which display technology best suits the customer’s application.  This could include many aspects including wide temperature range, ruggedisation, sunlight readability, touchscreen choice, fast response time, interface solutions, or even low power operation.

The wide display and related product options enables CDS us to create a platform for modern and innovative application designs and sustainably which are oriented towards industrial applications.  It is critical for CDS to work towards the perfect implementation of visual communication utilising its displays between man and machine to result in the optimum display solution.  CDS’s professional services such as long-term availability, spares and repairs service and lifecycle management to help ensure the long-term availability of the display panels and display kits.

TFT LCDs are the definitive and most popular TFT LCD Display components for professional applications now but as highlighted CDS offers a full toolbox of Display technologies including high brightness displays, ultra-wide stretched TFT LCDS, touchscreens, monitors and touch monitors as well as those more specialist EL technologies for Military, aerospace and other industrial applications. CDS customers benefit regularly from our special offers, flexible conditions, a small focused technical team and an exceptional scope of service resulting in the best display product for the right industrial application.

The above can include many factors including screen size, factors such as design of panel, 6bit or 8 bit displays, MiPi, RGB or HDMI interface, viewing angle and required brightness and contrast which are some of the most important aspects when choosing an ideal display in the industrial sector. So, whether you are looking for slimmer versions or standard sizes of TFT, need TN, MVA or IPS technologies, for outdoor or indoor use etc. Crystal Display Systems has a solutions for you.

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